Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas...or whatever holiday you celebrate. Okay, it's a bit early for those salutations, but by the time MNG's newest brew is ready the holiday season will be in full force. Hoppy Holidays is a unique blend of a red and blonde ales with added hops- UK Challenger and Liberty, along with ginger, pure maple sugar, allspice, cinammon, orange zest, almond extract, and brown sugar. This beer promises to liven up the winter months with its plus alcohol content and spiced taste and aroma. Cheers!


  1. Punisher Porter cracked open this past week and it's smooth at first then BAM a bite at the end. Good beer.

  2. Spice of Life tapped and overly spiced on the nutmeg which makes it nearly undrinkable and whole batch may be ruined. Will let sit for 2 more weeks with priming sugar to see if it mellows before dumping.

  3. Spiced of Life has met mixed reviews. The nutmeg is too much for my pallet, but for another it was just right because of the pale ale bitterness.