Friday, October 8, 2010

New Logo & News

MNG Brewing is unveiling its new logo. This logo captures the exuberance we here at MNG North & South have for beer and our patriotism for our homeland.

In other news, DieStruckShun was chilled and uncapped for a tasting and it comes as advertised- total chaos. The beer is complex with a variety of layers that will almost confuse your pallet. First sip is sweet, then a strong dark lager flavor sets in, and finally it finishes with an bang due to its high alcohol content. Potent and unusual, but scrumptious nonetheless. The remaining bottles aren't likely to last long.

Also, Punisher Porter is ready for bottling early next week and rumor has it a mint chocolate stout is in the works in the northern affiliate. Also running through our brewmasters' creative juices is a possible nutty vanilla cranberry brown ale getting ready in the South for the holidays. Yeah, I know, woah!!!


  1. I'm liking these logos! I'm looking forward to tasting DieStruckShun this weekend. Oktoberzest is ready for its unveiling, and the next two brews will be in the works by week's end.

  2. DieStruckShun kicked my ass. This is a seriously flavorful, richly complex brew. I shall miss it when it is gone.