Friday, November 26, 2010

Brewing Updates

Punisher Porter is well into the consumption stage and delivered upon its name. At first taste the smooth dark porter comes through and then *BAM* the whiskey bites ya at the finish.

In unfortunate news Spice of Life lived up to its name too, with the spice of nutmeg overpowering making the beer a hit or miss depending on the taste buds of the drinker. Brew master Beer-a-Thon will attempt to modify the remaining bottles by putting a dash of brown sugar in them to hopefully mellow the nutmeg.

This past weekend Thin Mint Stout was bottled for conditioning. One day prior to tapping the keg fresh mint sprigs were added for aroma and taste. This beer is going to be different, but sometimes different is good.

In the coming days Hoppy Holidays will be bottled as well. This brew has a ton going on, so the balancing act hopefully prevails or we've got one expensive blunder.

MNG's southern affiliate also began their second stage of lagering for Don't Fear the Pepper and Cracked Nutter.


  1. Thin Mint Stout is a bit too minty. Better if allowed to warm, served straight from the fridge not so good. Overall, a disappoint, but maybe it'll get better with a few more weeks conditioning.

  2. Oh yeah, thinking about doing a lager with fig.