Monday, February 21, 2011

Code Name: Quad B

In little over a year, MNG Brewing has toasted some tasty brews, but none tastier than Big Bad Brown Brotha Ale. In honor of our second year of existence we are revisiting our crowning achievement of the beer-o-sphere, but this time it will be Bigger Badder Browner Brotha Ale- Code Name: Quad B. Extra malt, honey, and molasses will make Quad B stronger (estimated 8%), darker, sweeter, and more delicious than its predecessor. Due to high gravity of wort mix, lagering will take a minimum of 2 months in the bottle, so release date is set tentatively for end of April.

Updates: Hard Days Night (Pale-Pale Ale) and Coffee Break (Oatmeal/Chocolate/Espresso Stout) on February 12th.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lazy Day Lager

MNG Brewing welcomes Lazy Day Lager to the beer family. It is sweetened with honey, brown sugar, and orange zest. The flavor profile doesn't stop there, as crushed allspice was added for a needed zing and UK Challenger hop pellets for the tang. Release date will be mid-April.

This past weekend, on February 6th, Sweet Novocaine was bottled for conditioning and remains on track for a early March unveiling.