Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crazed Concoctions

The southern branch of MNG Brewery has churned out two brews that should prove to be a bizzare way to kick off the holidays. Both were brewed last night by the light of the waxing moon and should be ready for imbibing just before Christmas.

Cracked Nutter Brown Ale

Merry Christmas! This holiday season, we'll be ready to hark some heralds with a twisted blend of yuletide flavors. Cracked Nutter combines the tart bite of cranberries with the smooth malts of a nut brown ale, and spices it up with nutmeg tempered by a dash of vanilla. So when the stresses of the season start sapping sanity, a sip or two of this seasonal spirit should be sufficient to soothe senses - or send them spinning.

Don't Fear the Pepper

Sure it will be too late to enjoy for Halloween, but this wicked red ale was certainly inspired by it. Take the sweet hoppy flavor of a typical American red ale, and toss in the tangy bittersweet notes of an orange bell pepper - then, just for fun, the pungent aroma of allspice. Face your fear - drink the beer.

1 comment:

  1. Don't Fear the Pepper is crazy, and for that you get an A+. Taste...yet to be determined.

    Cracked Nutter is almost a surefire hit.