Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tons of news to share about MNG Brewing. 1st- we're adding a southern affiliate that will be setting up shop in North Carolina. Yeah, more brews! 2nd- Fruits of Labor and Big Bad Brown Brotha Ale are almost gone. FoL turned out a bit on the tart side, took on a cidery taste, and didn't have much fizz. I consider it a miss. BBBB on the other hand is fantastic! Creamy, smooth, and delicious. Pictures of both forthcoming. 3rd- new in the vat is DieStruckShun, a Canadian Draught and German Vienna Lager mix with a secret ingredient (hint- it'll be plum good!). This beer will sure pack a wallop as well, as the brew master is expecting an alcohol content above 7.5%. DieStruckShun will be ready for release mid-October.

Beer Database

Lancaster Brewing Company:
A. Milk Stout
B. Hop Hog IPA
C. Strawberry Wheat Ale
D. Amish Four Grain
E. Gold Star Pilsner
F. Lightening Lager
G. Hefe Weizen
H. Franklin Fest
I. Celtic Rose Ale
J. Rare Rooster Summer Rye Ale
K. Oktoberfest
L. Spring Bock
M. Shoo-Fly Porter
N. Winter Warmer
O. Baltic Porter
P. Boss Hog (Double IPA)
Q. Doppelbock
R. Kolsch
S. Country Cream Ale
T. Hog's Milk (Mixed)
U. Chocolate Covered Strawberry (Mixed)
V. Dunkel Weizen
W. Double Chocolate Milk Stout
X. Rumspringa (Golden Bock)
Y. Lancaster Lager
Z. Southern Cross/Boss Hog
A1. Pale Ale
B1. Black Boar IPA
C1. Buggy Hop Pale Ale
D1. Imperial Jo Milk Stout
E1. Billy's Bock
F1. Hop Hog (firkin Whiskey barrel aged)
G1. Baked Pumpkin Ale
H1. Grapefruit Cream Ale
I1. Jetrock Pre-Fight IPA
J1. Barrel Aged Underlord Acheron
K1. Bitter Harvest ESB
L1. Hop Project #1
M1. Jump Seat Schwarzbier
N1. Blue Trail Lemon Blueberry Shandy
O1. Hop Project #2
P1. Farmstead Harvest

A. Honey Wheat
B. Dunkel Weisse
C. Shock Top Belgian White
D. Hop Hound Amber Wheat
E. Porter
F. Ultra
G. Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale
H. Shock Top Raspberry Wheat
I. Amber Bock
J. Shock Top Wheat IPA
K. Shock Top End of the World Midnight Wheat
L. Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat
M. Shock Top Lemon Shandy
N. Shock Top Twisted Pretzel Wheat
O. Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat
P. Shock Top Chocolate Wheat
Q. Shock Top Ruby Fresh
A. High Life
B. Miller Lite
C. Genuine Draft
D. High Life Lite
E. Fortune

A. Porter
B. Premium
C. Lager
D. Premium Light
E. Black & Tan
F. Lager Light
G. Bock
H. Lord Chesterfield Ale
I. Oktoberfest
J. Summer Wheat

Flying Dog:
A. Road Dog Porter
B. Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale
C. Tire Bite Golden Ale
D. Dogtoberfest Marzen
E. Raging Bitch
F. Snake Dog IPA
G. Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout
H. Gonzo Imperial Porter
I. Underdog Atlantic Lager
J. Easy IPA
K. Big Black Wit
L. The Truth
M. Single Hop Imperial IPA (Citra)
N. Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale
O. Mexican Hot Chocolate
P. Bloodline Blood Orange IPA
Q. Lucky SOB Irish Red Ale
R. Counter Culture
S. Fever Dream

Red Hook:
A. Slim Chance
C. Copperhook
D. Long Hammer IPA
E. Winter Hook
F. Late Harvest
G. Game Changer
H. Resignation- KCCO Golden Lager

Left Hand Brewery:
A. Milk Stout
B. Black Jack Porter
C. Sawtooth Ale
D. 400 Pound Monkey
E. Fade to Black Vol. 4 (Black IPA)
F. Chainsaw Ale
G. Widdershins Oak Aged Barelywine

Magic Hat:
A. #9 Not Quite Pale Ale
B. Wacko
C. Lucky Kat
D. Odd Notion (Summer '09)
E. Howl- Winter Lager
F. Encore IPA
G. Single Chair
H. Blind Faith IPA
I. Vinyl
J. Hex
K. Hi. P.A.
L. Hocus Pocus
M. Circus Boy
N. Heart of Darkness
O. Wooly ESB
P. Elder Betty
Q. Dream Machine
R. Wilhelm Scream
S. Snow Roller
T. Starlit Porter
U. Stealin' Time
V. Electric Peel
W. Low Key
X. Vamplifier
Y. Bob's First

A. Muse Farmhouse Ale
B. Merry Monks
C. Scotch Ale
D. Winter Ale
E. Verboten
F. Hops Infusion
G. Imperial Pumpkin Ale
H. Double Simcoe IPA
I. Blithering Idiot
J. Quad
K. Tiny
L. Slam Dunkel
M. Insanity
N. Heresy
O. Old Heathen
P. Uniform
Q. Fireside
R. Last Chance IPA
S. Autumnfest
T. Sour Black
U. White Sun
V. Althea
W. Tango
X. Cameloparadalis
Y. Tarte Nouveau
Z. 17
A1. 15
B1. 19
C1. Riserva (2014)
D1. Cassioppeia
E1. Sunday Morning Stout
F1. Wit
G1. D'Tango Unchained
H1. Double IPA
I1. Last Chance IPA w/ Apricots
J1. Line Street Pilsner
K1. Single IPA #1
L1. Sunday Mole Stout
M1. Mellow Monks

A. Coors Light
B. Original
C. Extra Gold
D. Batch 19
E. Third Shift
F. Summer Brew

Appalachian Brewing Co.:
A. Purist Pale Ale
B. Raubach
C. Susquehanna Stout
D. Zoigl Star Lager
E. Pennypacker Porter
F. Anniversary Maibock
G. Abbey Roade Belgian Ale
H. Water Gap Wheat
I. Grinnin' Grizzly
J. Big Kahuna Coconut Porter
K. Mountain Lager
L. Peregrine Pilsner
M. Imperial Rye IPA
N. Organic Trail Blaze Brown Ale
O. Jolly Scot Scottish Ale
Q. Major Hops Olde Ale
R. Volks Weizenbock
S. Vienna Lager
T. Fog of War Imperial Stout
U. Frambois (Lambic)
V. Chocolate Cherry Stout
W. Cornerstone Espresso Stout
X. Purist Pale Ale (Dry Hopped/Cask)
Y. Broadstreet Barley Wine
Z. Batch 666
A1. Hoppy Trails IPA (and on cask)
B1. Celtic Knot Irish Red (and Oak Barrel Aged)
C1. Schwartz Bier
D1. Zeus (IPA 1 2010 Series)
E1. Horizon (IPA 2 2010 Series)
F1. Simcoe (IPA 3 2010 Series)
G1. Dom Blonde Kolsch
H1. Hinterland Hefe Weizen
I1. Kipona Fest
J1. English Mild
K1. Schwartz Lager
L1. Outta Focus Double IPA
M1. Stony Creek Ale
N1. Obbies Grand Cru
O1. Tripleocity
P1. Montebello Farm Belgian Dubbel
Q1. Highland Amber Ale
R1. Ragged Edge Espresso Stout
S1. Jolly Scot w/ Fugel hops (on cask)
T1. Golden Toos (Triple)
U1. Koning de Quad
V1. Raspberry Imperial Stout
X1. Mad Cameron Belgian Wit
Y1. Dunkle Weizen
Z1. Cervesa Limon
A2. Brown Ale w/ special hops (on cask)
B2. 2XIPA 2011 w/ Summit
C2. 2XIPA 2011 w/ Cascade
D2. 2XIPA 2011 w/ Nugget
E2. Susquehanna Stout w/ Chinook hops (on cask)
F2. Tankovna Keller Pils
G2. ESB 2011 (on cask)
H2. Burton Ale
I2. Oatmeal Stout
J2. Vanilla Porter
K2. Belgian Pale Ale
L2. Hoppy Trails IPA (Dry Hopped w/ Amarillo on Cask)
M2. California Common
N2. Barrel Aged Jolly Scott
O2. Imperial Pilsner
P2. Cream Ale
Q2. Belgian Pale Ale
R2. Belgian Smooth Stout
S2. Hefe Vienna
T2. Pale Ale (Dry Hopped w/ Zythos on Cask)
U2. Oats IPA (2012 IPA Series)
V2. Rye IPA (2012 IPA Series)
W2. Wheat IPA (2012 IPA Series)
X2. Zythos Pale Ale
Y2. Pale Mild Brown Ale
Z2. Egg Nog Ale
A3. Bozick Black IPA
B3. Black Rye IPA
C3. Schwarzbier (2013)
D3. Battle of Hops IPA (Amarillo - America)
E3. Battle of Hops IPA (Magnum - Germany)
F3. Battle of Hops IPA (Chinook- America)
G3. Battle of Hops IPA (Herkules- Germnay)
H3. Auchenbach Keller Pils
I3. Hop Scotch (firkin)
J3. Oats IPA (2013 IPA Series)
K3. Barley IPA (2013 IPA Series)
L3. Dopplebock
M3. Black IPA 2013
N3. Batch 1000 Wheat Wine (Primed with Rye Pumpkin/on cask)
O3. Rutty Buck Pumpkin
P3. Wet Hop Ale (firkin)
Q3. Busted Sole
R3. Farmhouse Ale
S3. Aero-Head Bock

Erie Brewing Company:
A. Fallenbock
B. Misery Bay IPA
C. Mad Anthony's American Pale Ale
D. Railbender Ale
E. Presque Isle Pilsner
F. Blonde
G. Derailed Black Cherry
H. Heritage Alt Ale
I. Ol' Red Cease and Desist
J. Witbier
K. Drake's Crude Oatmeal Stout
L. Oktoberfest
M. Bayfront Blonde

Samuel Adams:
A. Boston Lager
B. Old Fezziwig Ale
C. Winter Lager
D. Cranberry Lambic
E. Holiday Porter
F. Octoberfest
G. Summer Ale
H. Cherry Wheat
I. Cream Stout
J. Noble Pils
K. Boston Ale
L. Scotch Ale
M. Coastal Wheat
N. Light
O. Arooga's Amber Ale
P. Black Lager
Q. Irish Red
R. Latitude 48
S. Blackberry Witbier
T. Pale Ale
U. Dunkel Weizen
V. White Ale
W. Rustic Saison
X. Cherry Chocolate Bock
Y. Honey B's Lavender Ale (Longshot)
Z. Friar Hop Ale (Longshot)
A1. Blackened Hops (Longshot)
B1. East-West Kolsch
C1. Oak Aged Porter
D1. Lat 48 IPA Semicoe
E1. Imperial Stout
F1. The Vixen (Chocolate Chili Bock)
G1. Wee Heavy (Imperial Series)
H1. Double Bock (Imperial Series)
I1. Imperial White
J1. Alpine Spring
K1. Infinium
L1. New World Triple
M1. Third Voyage
N1. Tasman Red
O1. Belgian Session
P1. Whitewater IPA
Q1. Thirteenth Hour Stout
R1. Maple Pecan Porter
S1. Honey Queen
T1. Utopias 10th Anniversary
U1. White Lantern
V1. Little White Rye
W1. IPL- limited series
X1. Fat Jack Double Pumpkin
Y1. Hazel Brown
Z1. White Christmas
A2. Double Agent IPL
B2. Rebel IPA
C2. Escape Route
D2. Cold Snap
E2. Stony Brook Red Ale
F2. Grumpy Monk Belgian IPA
G2. Pineapple IPA (Longshot)
H2. Gratzer (Longshot)
I2. American Stout (Longshot)
J2. Harvest Pumpkin Ale
K2. Latitude 48 Deconstructed (Hallertau Mittelfrueh)
L2. Latitude 48 Deconstructed (Mosaic)
M2. Latitude 48 Deconstructed (Zeus)
N2. Latitude 48 Deconstructed (East Kent)
O2. Latitude 48 Deconstructed (Simcoe)
P2. Triple Bock
Q2. Merry Maker
R2. Kosmic Mother Funk
S2. Rebel Rouser Double IPA
T2. Rebel Rider Session IPA
U2. Downtime Pilsner
V2. Hoppy Red
W2. Pumpkin Batch
X2. Rebel Grapefruit IPA
Y2. 3 Weiss Men
Z2. Crystal Pale Ale
A3. Nitro Coffee Stout
B3. Nitro IPA
C3. Nitro White Ale
D3. Rebel Raw
E3. 20 Pounds of Pumpkin
F3. Hopscape
G3. Fresh as Helles
H3. Rebel Juiced IPA

A. Honey Brown
B. Porter
C. India Pale Ale
D. Pale Ale
E. Pale Bock
F. Wheat Beer
G. Festive Ale
H. Octoberfest
I. English-Style Ale
J. Summer Shandy
K. Stout
L. Irish Red Lager

A. Rugged Trail
B. Dream Weaver
C. Hop Back
D. Pale Ale
E. Troegenator
F. Naked Elf (Scratch #21)
G. Sunshine Pils
H. Dead Reckoning (Porter)
I. It's Wit (Scratch #22)
J. Mad Elf
K. Kellar Fest (Scratch #23)
L. Java Head
M. Anniversary Ale
N. Magic Mustache Rye (Scratch #25)
O. Chocolate Stout (Scratch #27)
P. Nugget Nectar
Q. Troggen Roggen (Scratch #28)
R. Flying Mouflan
S. Belgian Style IPA (Scratch #29)
T. Maibock (Scratch #30)
U. Keystone Common (Scratch #32)
V. Saison de Mueze (Scratch #33)
W. Fresh Hop Ale (Scratch #35)
X. Tim's Belgian Brown (Scratch #34)
Y. Bruce Wit (Scratch #36)
Z. IPA #1 of 4 (Scratch #37)
A1. IPA #2 of 4 (Scratch #38)
B1. IPA #3 of 4 (Scratch #39)
C1. Splinter Black
D1. IPA #4 of 4 (Scratch #40)
E1. Cacaoabunga Redux (Scratch #41)
F1. Razz-Ma-Dizzle (Scratch #42)
G1. IPA #5 of 4 (Scratch #43)
H1. Team America (Scratch #44)
I1. IPA #6 of 4 (Scratch #45)
J1. Naked Elf Part 2 (Scratch #46)
K1. Perpetual IPA
L1. White Ale (Scratch #47)
M1. Fest Lager (Scratch #48)
N1. Wet Hop Ale (Scratch #49)
O1. Fat Scratch Fever (Scratch #51)
P1. T2 Ale (Scratch #52)
Q1. Chocolate Weizenbock (Scratch #57)
R1. Imperial Stout (Scratch #61)
S1. Danny's IPA (Scratch #63)
T1. Spring Fest (Scratch #60)
U1. More Helles, Less Bock (Scratch #69)
V1. Fancy That Triple IPA (Scratch #70)
W1. DimWit (Scratch #71)
X1. Special Hops (Scratch #76)
Y1. Fresh Hop Ale (Scratch #78)
Z1. Belgian Brown Ale (Scratch #80)
A2. Belgian Tripel (Scratch #82)
B2. Impending Descent (Scratch #83)
C2. Weizenbock (Scratch #86)
D2. Splinter Gold
E2. Black Rye IPA (Scratch #97)
F2. Witbier (Scratch #99)
G2. Perpetual IPA (dry hopped with Chinook)
H2. Triple Mango IPA (Scratch #98)
I2. Hopcyclone Harvest Ale(Scratch #111)
J2. Fresh Hop Ale (Scratch #116)
K2. LaGrave Triple Blonde
L2. Cultivator
M2. Belgian Style Saison (Scratch #139)
N2. Hop Knife
02. Bourbon Barrel Aged Troegenator
P2. Blizzard of Hops
Q2. Master of Pumpkins
R2. Red Ale (Scratch #136)
S2. ESB (Scratch #167)
T2. Jovial
U2. IPA (Scratch #137)
V2. Impending Descent (new recipe)
W2. Bourbon Barrel Aged Flying Mouflan
X2. Belgian Style Saison (Scratch #188)
Y2. Sour Wheat Ale (Scratch #194)
Z2. Double IPA (Scratch #195)
A3. Chocolate Stout (Scratch #192)
B3. Solid Sender Ale
C3. When In Doubt Lager
D3. Cranberry Porter (Scratch #213)
E3. Chocolate Stout (Scratch #212)
F3. IPA (Scratch #215)
G3. Bock (Scratch #222)
H3. Barrel-Aged Troegenator
I3. Sour Wheat Ale (Gose) (Scratch #228)
J3. Double Blizzard (Scratch #233)
K3. Barrel-Aged Flying Mouflan
L3. Hibiscus IPA (Scratch #245)
M3. Imperial Amber Ale (Scratch #232)
N3. Amber Ale (Simcoe) (Scratch #246)
O3. French Style Saison (Scratch #227)
P3. American Style Sour Ale (Peach & Apricot) (Scratch #243)
Q3. Nimble Giant
R3. Gose (Scratch #235)
S3. Wild Elf
T3. White Ale (Scratch #247)
U3. Bock (Scratch #253)
V3. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Impending Descent
W3. Dry Hopped Sour Ale (Scratch #267)
X3. Barleywine Style Ale (Scratch #268)
Y3. First Cut
Z3. Pale Ale (Scratch #273)
A4. Farmhouse Rye (Scratch #276)
B4. Weizenbock (Scratch #272)
C4. Freaky Peach
D4. Crimson Pistil
A. Oberon Ale
B. Two Hearted Ale
C. Kalamazoo Stout
D. Amber Ale
E. Pale Ale
F. Consecrator
G. Octoberfest
H. Porter
I. Christmas Ale
J. Special Double Cream Stout
K. Winter White Ale
L. Best Brown Ale
M. Oarsman Ale
N. Hopslam
O. Java Stout
P. Smitten Golden Rye Ale
Q. Third Coast Old ale
R. The Oracle
S. Mars: The Bringer of War
T. Sparkleberry
U. Lager of the Lakes
V. Oatsmobile Ale
W. Roundhouse

Natty Greene's:
A. Guilford Golden Ale
B. Buckshot Amber Ale
C. Red Nose
D. Southern Pale Ale
E. Old Town Brown
F. General Stout
G. Wild Flower Witbier
H. Slam Dunkelweizen
I. Full Moon Pale Ale
J. Hessian Hefeweizen
K. Revolution IPA
L. Swamp Fox Belgian Blonde
M. Springfest Pilsner
N. Colonial IPA
O. Organic Lager
P. Minutemen Rye
Q. Lighthorse Belgian Pale Ale
R. Elm Street IPA
T. Summerfest
U. Oatmeal Stout

A. Oktoberfest
B. Red Tail Lager
C. Red Tail Ale
D. Black Hawk Stout
E. Eye of the Hawk
F. Blue Heron Pale Ale

A. Pomegranate Wheat
B. Helles
C. Summer Ale
D. Rye Pilsner
E. Amber Wheat
F. Pale Pale Ale
G. Black Lager
H. Winter Lager
I. Rye IPA
J. Big Moose Ale
K. Belgian Ale
L. Maple Porter
M. Black Forest
O. Black & Tan
P. Pale Ale
Q. Brown Ale
R. Adirondack Lager
S. Irish Stout
T. Chocolate Lager
U. Pumpkin Ale
V. White IPA
W. Session Ale
X. Wild Hop Pils
Y. Caramel Porter
Z. Prism
A1. Legacy IPA
B1. Shandy
C1. Heart of the Hop Red IPA
D1. Into the Dark Black IPA
E1. Goat Rodeo
F1. Long John Lager
G1. 4059 Porter
H1. Tramonay Rouge
I1. Octoberfest
J1. West End Winter IPA

B. Summer Weizen Ale
C. Old Brown Dog Ale
D. Robust Porter
E. Shoals Pale Ale
F. Pumpkin Ale
G. Winter Ale
H. Really Old Brown Dog Ale
I. Durty: Mud Season
J. Smuttlabs: Finkelstein
K. Bouncy House
L. Rhye IPA
M. Hayseed
N. Smuttlabs: Daily Brett

A. Pick Axe Pale Ale
B. Maple Nut Brown Ale
C. Ornery Amber Ale
D. Butt Head Bock
E. Alpine Glacier Lager
F. Jack Whacker Wheat Ale
G. Hop Strike Black IPA
H. Small Patch Pumpkin Harvest Ale
I. Imperial Nut Brown Ale
J. Cocoa Porter

Thirsty Dog Brewing Company:
A. Hoppus Maximus
B. Siberian Night
C. Old Leg Humper
D. Spiced Pumpkin Ale
E. Citra Dog
F. Bourbon Barrel Aged Siberian Night


B. Blue Fin Stout
C. Export
D. XXXX IPA (Pugsley's Signature Series)
E. Imperial Porter (Pugsley's Signature Series)
F. Applehead
G. Prelude
H. Melonhead
I. Pumpkinhead
J. Gingerbreadhead
K. Summer Ale
L. Monkey Fist IPA
M. Little Horror of Hops
N. Blood Orange Belgian Style
O. Smashed Pumpkin (Pugsley's Signature Series)
P. Chocolate Milk Stout

Dogfish Head:
A. 60 Minute IPA The Continually-Hopped
B. Raison D'Etre
C. Theobroma
D. Burton Baton
E. Chicory Stout
F. Punkin Ale
G. Olde School
H. World Wide Stout
I. Squall IPA
J. Indian Brown Ale
K. Midas Touch
L. Shelter Pale Ale
M. Palo Santo Marron
N. Bitches Brew
O. 90 Minute IPA
P. 75 Minute IPA (on cask)
Q. Lawnmower
R. Festina Peche
S. Sahtea
T. My Antonia
U. Namaste
V. Tweasonale
W. Black & Red
X. Zeno
Y. 120 Minute IPA
Z. Immort Ale
B1. Positive Contact
C1. Another Pale Ale
D1.Ta Henket
E1. Noble Rot
F1. 61
G1. Hellhound On My Ale
H1. Piercing Pils
I1. Aprihop
J1. Fort
K1. Raison D'Extra
L1. Pennsylvania Tuxedo
M1. Biere de Provence
N1. Flesh and Blood IPA
O1. Beer for Breakfast
P1. SeaQuench Ale

Pete's Wicked:

A. Ale
B. Strawberry Blonde

Fort Collins Brewery:
A. Retro Red
B. Kidd
C. Z Lager
D. Major Tom's Pomegranate Wheat
E. Chocolate Stout
F. Rocky Mountain IPA
G. Red Banshee
H. Hoptitude

Fegley's Brew Works:
A. Loco Lime
B. Pawn Shop Porter
C. Double IPA
D. Fegley's Amber Ale
E. Honey Cream Ale
F. Copper Kettle Pale Ale
G. Steelgaarden Wit
H. Espresso Stout
I. Hop Explosion
J. Bagpiper's Scotch Ale
K. Hop'Solutley
L. Pumpkin Ale
M. Insidious Imperial Stout Ale
N. Rude Elf's Reserve
O. Space Monkey
P. Funky Monkey
Q. Always Sunny Pale Ale
R. Devious Imperial Pumpkin
S. Oktoberfest
T. Arctic Alchemy
U. Rude Elf's Reserve
V. Blueberry Belch
W. Framboise
X. Bourbon Barrel Aged Insidious Stout

Clipper City Brewing Co.:
(Heavy Seas collection)
A. Winter Storm (Imperial ESB)
B. Small Craft Warning (Uber Ale)
C. Loose Cannon (Hop Ale)
D. Peg Leg (Imperial Stout)
E. Prosit! (Mutiny Fleet)
F. Letter of Marque 2010 (Rye Porter/Mutiny Fleet)
G. Black Cannon
H. Yule Tide
I. Loose Cannon (Special Dry Hop Firkin)
J. Gold
K. Holy Sheet
J. Below Decks Barleywine
L. Powder Monkey
M. Loose Cannon (firkin w/ simcoe)
N. Cutlass Amber Lager
O. Red Sky at Night
P. Below Decks (Bourbon Barrel Aged 2012)
Q. The Mayan
R. Crossbones Session IPA
S. Deep Six
T. Double Cannon
U. Riptide
V. Philtimore (collab w/ Yards)
W. TropiCannon
X. Pounder
Y. TreasureFest

Market Cross Pub:
A. Tell Me Rye Ale
B. Lionheart Lager
C. Blue Mountain Maibock
D. Old Yeller IPA (on cask)
E. Blonde
F. Red Ale
G. Brown Ale (on cask)
H. Shelby's Summer Stang Ale
I. Excaliber Imperial Stout
J. Pub Porter (Hand Pump)
K. Midsummer's Knight Wheat
L. Sour Red
M. Pub Daddy Pale Ale

A. Golden Monkey (triple ale)
B. St. Victorious (dopplebock)
C. Hop Devil
D. Hop Wallop
E. Festbier
F. Donnybrook Stout
G. Prima Pils
H. Storm King (Imperial Stout)
I. St. Boisterous (Hellerbock)
J. Moonglow Weizen Bock
K. Helios Ale
L. Yakima Glory Ale
M. Whirlwind Wit
N. Headwaters Pale Ale
O. Summer Love
P. Baltic Thunder
Q. Otto
R. Dark Intrigue
S. Otto in Oak
T. V Lager (Helles)
U. V12
V. Red Thunder
W. Ranch Double IPA
X. Swing Sesson Saison
Y. Moonglow
Z. CBC Tettnang Pils
A1. Braumeister Pils
B1. Uncle Teddy's Bitter
D1. Braumeister Harvest Pils
E1. Sunrise Weissebier
F1. Abbey 5
G1. Sunset Dunkel
H1. Zeltbier
I1. Squeaky Wheel
J1. Sommerbock
K1. Victory Kolsch
L1. Victory Village
M1. Throwback Lager
N1. Mad King's Weiss
O1. 4Hop Bock
P1. Dirt Wolf
Q1. Hop Ticket Session IPA
R1. 1337 Ale
S1. Wild Devil
T1. Hop Ranch
U1. 19
V1. Earth & Flame
W1. Deep Cocoa
X1. Kirsch Gose
Y1. Bon Vivant
Z1. Vital IPA
A2. Harvest Ale
B2. Hoppy Quad
C2. Anniversary 20 Experimental IPA
D2. Blackboard Series No. 1 Agave IPA w/ Grapefruit
E2. CrAbbey Ale
F2. Vis a Vis
G2. Frische Weisse
H2. Blackboard Series No. 2 Dry Hopped Brett Pils
I2. Anniversary XX Imperial Pilsner
J2. Cage Radler
K2. Tart Ten
L2. Blackboard Series No. 4 Hazelnut Oatmeal Porter
M2. 21st Birthday IPA
N2. Sour Monkey

Leinenkugel Brewing:
A. 1888 Bock
B. Creamy Dark
C. Classic Amber
D. Red Lager
E. Summer Shandy
F. Sunset Wheat
G. Fireside Nut Brown
H. Honey Weiss
I. Big Eddy Wee Heavy Scotch Ale
J. Oktoberfest
K. Hoppin' Helles
L. Snowdrift Vanilla Porter
M. Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout
N. Canoe Paddler
O. Berry Weiss
P. Orange Shandy
Q. Cranberry Ginger Shandy
R. Big Butt Doppelbock
S. Grapefruit Shandy
T. Heart of Oak

Terrapin Brewery:
A. Rye Pale Ale
B. Hopsecutioner
C. SunRay Wheat Beer
D. Hop Karma Brown IPA
E. Moo-Hoo Chocolate Milk Stout
F. Wake and Bake
G. Rye Squared
H. So Fresh and So Green (2012 Citra)
I. Oaked Big Hoppy Monster (2012)
J. Monk's Revenge
K. Hopzilla
L. Maggie's Peach Farmhouse Ale
M. Tangerine Dreamsicle
N. Imperial Pumpkin Pie Porter
O. Rye Cubed
P. Hi-5 IPA
Q. Pumpkinfest
R. The Walking Dead
S. Mosaic Red Rye IPA
T. Sound Czech Pils
U. Cranberry Pumpkinfest

MNG & Goat Rodeo Brewing:
A. Pale Horse Ale
B. Green with Envy
C. Bock Hard
D. Fruits of Labor
E. Big Bad Brown Brotha Ale
F. DieStruckShun
G. Oktoberzest
H. Punisher Porter
I. Spice of Life
J. Thin Mint Stout
K. Hoppy Holidays
L. Cracked Nutter
M. Don't Fear the Pepper
N. RedRum Red Ale
O. Sweet Novacaine
P. Hard Days Night
Q. Coffee Break
R. Lazy Day Lager
S. Quad B (Bigger Badder Browner Brotha)
T. Hebro Mojo
U. Blonde Over Blueberry
V. Big Daddy Brew
W. Phantastic Philsner
X. Better Bitter 2XIPA
Y. Hexagon
Z. Nonconformist
A1. Twisted Black IPA
B1. Blissful Surrender
C1. WheaTea Pomerazz
D1. ViennApple LagerCide
E1. Southern Sassafras Stout
F1. Carolina Caraway
G1. And We All Fall Down
H1. Black Velvet
I1. Helter Skelter
J1. Amarillo Diablo (Yellow Devil)
K1. Eager Beaver
L1. Instigator Perpetrator Agitator
M1. Pitbull Pale Ale
N1. Mocha Moo Milk Stout
O1. Puzzling Platypus
P1. The Bunny Hop
Q1. Gnarly Narwhal Lager
R1. Beached Whale Barley Wine
S1. Chrysomallo Katsika (Golden Goat)
T1. Razorback Red Ale
U1. Bi-Polar Bear Ale
V1. Mad Monkey
W1. Wicked Wildebeest Wheat Wine
X1. Now and Later Gator Session Ale
Y1. Bumble Bear Cyser
Z1. Timbo's Tick Bite American Ale
A2. The Nibbler IPA
B2. Super Chunk Red Kolsch Ale
C2. Gila Hop Monster
D2. On the Horizon Weizenbier
E2. Hudson's Dirty Blonde Ale
F2. First Batch Butt Scratch
G2. Fight For Your Rye To Party
H2. Dimwit, Halfwit, Nitwit
I2. Quadsimodo
J2. Drunken Quadsimodo
K2. Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
L2. Rubus Sultana
M2. Fruitilicious
N2. Sainthood Saison
O2. One Man Parade
P2. Tony Danza Bonanza
Q2. Chili'n Limelight
R2. Simply Ravishing Pale Ale
S2. The Root (Beer) of All Evil

Stone Brewing Co.:
A. Stone Pale Ale
B. Sublimely Self-Righteous
C. Ruination
D. 10-10-10 Vertical Epic Ale
E. Smoked Porter
F. Levitation
G. Arrogant Bastard Ale
H. Double Arrogant Bastard Ale (2011)
I. Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale
J. Old Guardian
L. 16th Anniversary IPA
M. 12-12-12 Vertical Epic Ale
N. The Perfect Crime
O. Ruinten
P. 17th Anniversary IPA
Q. R&R Coconut IPA
R. Old Guardian Belgo
S. Imperial Russian Stout
T. Espresso Imperial Russian Stout
U. Crime
V. Punishment
W. 11-11-11 Vertical Epic Ale
X. Lucky Bastard
Y. Cali-Belgique
Z. Enjoy By 2-14-14
A1.Stochasticity Project: Grapefruit Slam IPA
B1. Enjoy By 4-20-14
C1. Smoked Porter with Vanilla
D1. Go To IPA
E1. Matt's Burning Rosids
F1. Collective Distortion IPA (Keri Kelli/Kyle Hollingsworth)
G1. Enjoy By 7-04-14
H1. 18th Anniversary IPA
I1. Chris Banker/Insurgente Xocoveza Mocha Stout
J1. Enjoy By 10-31-14
K1. Enjoy By 12-26-14
L1. Old Guardian Oak-Smoked Barley Wine
M1. Stochasticity Project: Master of Disguise
N1. Enjoy By 2-14-15
O1. Japanese Green Tea IPA
P1. Ruination 2.0
Q1. Saison
R1. Points Unknown IPA
S1. Delicious IPA
T1. Enjoy By 07.04.16
U1. Mocha IPA
V1. Americano Stout
W1. Citrusy Wit
X1. Coffee Milk Stout
Y1. Enjoy By 04.20.17

Wild Goose:
A. Oatmeal Stout
C. Brown Lager

A. Brown Seasonal Ale
C. Baltic Porter (Leviathan Series)
D. Imperial IPA (Leviathan Series)
E. UFO Hefeweizen
F. Octoberfest
G. Munich Dark
H. Rich & Dan's Rye IPA
I. UFO White 
J. Winter Warmer
K. Summer Beer
L. UFO Big Squeeze
M. UFO Gingerland
N. The Long Thaw White IPA
O. Take 5
P. Camp Wannamango
Q. Flannel Friday
R. Fresh Tracks

A. Double Mocha Porter
B. Chocolate Stout
C. Dead Guy Ale
D. Morimoto Imperial Pilsner
E. American Amber Ale
F. Mocha Porter
G. St. Rogue Red Ale
H. Juniper Pale Ale
I. Santa's Private Reserve
J. Mogul Madness
K. Captain Sigs Deadliest Ale (Northwestern Ale)
L. Chipotle Ale
M. Hazelnut Brown Nectar
N. John John Dead Guy ale
O. Voodoo Doughnut Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Banana Ale
P. Yellow Snow IPA
Q. Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPA
R. Voodoo Doughnut Pretzel, Raspberry, Chocolate Ale
S. Rogue Farms Marionberry Braggot
T. XS Old Crustacean Barleywine
U. Dad's Little Helper Black IPA
V. Voodoo Doughnut Lemon Chiffon Crueller Ale
W. Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout
X. Brutal India Pale Ale

A. Maibock
B. Oatmeal Stout
C. Caveman's Wit
D. Premium Lager
E. Honey Blonde
F. Hemp Ale
G. Pumpkin Ale
H. English Ale
I. Speak Easy
J. 2009 Triple
K. Munich Lager
M. Nut Brown
N. Deep C Wheat
O. Santa's Helper
P. Pre-Prohibition Pilsner
Q. Brown is the New Black IPA
R. Elementary Espresso Stout
S. Steam Punk! Cali Lager
T. Speakeasy Pale Ale
U. Saison Du Vignoble
V. Pomm-boise
W. Electric Karate Robot
X. Barrel-aged Quad-Cept
Y. Tequila Barrel Aged Mai-aye-aye-bock (with Molly Pitcher)

A. 420
C. Hash Brown
D. Hop Hash
E. Whiplash White IPA
F. Georgia Brown
G. Take Two Pils
H. Happy Ending
I. Blue
J. Hash Session IPA
K. Goin' Coastal
L. Smokey and the Brett (Dank Tank)

Abita Beer:
A. Jockamo (IPA)
B. Light
C. Golden
D. Amber
E. Restoration Pale Ale
F. Purple Haze
G. Turbo Dog
H. Mardi Gras Bock
I. Satsuma Harvest Wit
J. Fall Fest
K. Christmas Ale
L. Pecan Harvest Ale
M. Andygator
N. S.O.S.
O. Lemon Wheat
P. Spring IPA
Q. Octoberfest
R. Grapefruit Harvest IPA
S. Wrought Iron IPA
T. Strawberry Harvest Lager
U. Louisiana Spiced Ale
V. Big Easy IPA
W. Peach Lager

A. Scarlet Lady Red (ESB)
B. Fat Dog Stout (Imperial)
C. Heifer-In-Wheat
D. American Pale Ale
E. Winter Ale
F. Pils
G. Oktoberfest
H. Karnival Kolsch
I. Double IPA
J. Smooth Hoperator
K. Triple
L. Old Abominable
M. Revel Red
N. 25th Anniversary Ale
O. Apricot Mango Double IPA (cask)
P. Gold Lager
Q. Alter Bier
R. Bock
S. 1860 IPA
T. 50/25 Sour Quad
U. Four Play IPA (Batch #4)
V. Belsnickel Lager
W. Winey Dog
X. Vanilla Porter
Y. Pumpkin Fest

A. Blue
B. White
C. Red

A. St. Terese's Pale Ale
B. Seven Sisters Abbey Style Ale
C. Gaelic Ale
D. Oatmeal Porter
E. Black Mocha Stout

Sierra Nevada:
A. Porter
B. Tumbler
C. Celebration Ale
D. Kellerweis Hefeweizen
E. Pale Ale
F. Torpedo Extra IPA
G. Double IPA (Beer Camp)
H. Juniper Black Ale (Beer Camp)
I. Weizenbock (Beer Camp)
J. California Common (Beer Camp)
K. Summerfest
L. Ruthless Rye IPA
M. Hoptimum
N. Big Foot Ale
O. Southern Hemisphere Harvest (2012)
P. Sleight of Hand (Beer Camp #94)
Q. Ovila Abbey Saison (w/ Mandarin Oranges and Peppercorn)
R. Ovila Quad
S. Flipside
T. Yonder Bock (Beer Camp)
U. Double Latte (Beer Camp)
V. Yvan the Great (Beer Camp)
W. Boomerang IPA
X. Narwhal
Y. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Narwhal
Z. Coffee Stout
A1. Beer Camp 2015 Hoppy Lager
B1. Nooner Pilsner
C1. Hop Hunter IPA
D1. Barrel Aged Bigfoot Barleywine Style 2015
E1. Southern Hemisphere Harvest Fresh Hop IPA (2015)
F1. Oktoberfest- Brauhaus Riegele (2015)
G1. Tropical IPA (Beer Camp 2016)
H1. Rain Check Spiced Stout
I1. Otra Vez
J1. Audition Double IPA
K1. Pat-Rye-Out (Beer Camp 2016)
L1. Sweet Sunny South (Beer Camp 2016)
M1. Bourbon Barrel Aged Maillard's Odyssey
N1. Stout
O1. Hoppy Wheat Ale
P1. Vienna Lager
Q1. Oktoberfest- Mahrs Brau (2016)
R1. Sidecar Orange Pale Ale
S1. Tropical Torpedo

Mad River Brewing:
A. Jamaica Brand Red Ale
B. Steelhead Extra Stout
C. Steelhead Scotch Style Porter
D. Steelhead Extra Pale Ale
E. Jamaica Sunset IPA
F. Humboldt Haze

Blue Moon:
A. Harvest Moon (Pumpkin Ale)
B. Belgian White
C. Honey Moon (Summer Ale)
D. Pale Moon
E. Winter Abbey Ale
F. Spiced Amber Ale
G. Spring Blonde Wheat Ale
H. Agave Nectar Ale
I. Short Straw Farmhouse Ale
J. Pine in the Neck
K. First Peach Ale
L. White IPA
M. Rounders Belgian Pale Ale
N. Belgian Table Pils
O. Cinnamon Horchata Ale
P. Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout

Avery Brewing:
A. White Rascal
B. Mahajara
C. India Pale Ale
D. The Czar (Imperial Stout- 2010)
E. Joe's Premium American Pilsner
F. The Reverend
G. Dugana IPA
H. Liliko'i Kepolo
I. Mephistophele's Stout
J. Out of Bounds Stout
K. Hog Heaven Barleywine

Voodoo Brewery:
A. 4 Seasons IPA
B. Pilzilla
C. Wynona's Big Brown Ale
D. White Magick of the Sun
E. Love Child
F. Gran Met
G. Cow Bell Stout
H. Big Black Voodoo Daddy
I. Redneck Riviera Red
J. Delicate Like a Flower
K. Hoodoo
L. #22oztofreedom
M. Laird's Apple Brandy Grand Met
N. H2P

Blue Canoe:
A. Heavy Kevy
B. Honey Bunches of Oats
C. Bitter X Wife
D. Walk of Shame
E. Black Chai Affair
F. David Hasselhop
G. Nights in White Satin
H. Slow and Low Stout
I. Mother Pucker

Church Brew Works:
A. Absolution Ale
B. Pipe Organ Ale
C. Ambrosia Ale
D. Thunder Hop IPA
E. Cherry Quadzilla
F. Brett Blackberry
G. Lichtenhaener Smoked Wheat Ale
H. Brett Trippel
I. Belgian Rye Saison
J. Celestial Gold
K. Thundercloud
L. Pious Monk Dunkel
M. Mad Brewer Maibock
N. Bitter Passion
O. Mango Ambrosia
P. Tequila Mockingbird
Q. Quadzilla with Blackberries
R. Barrel Aged Almond Joy

A. Blue Ball Porter
B. Paradise Pale Ale
C. Bareville Pilsner

A. Premium Pilsner
B. Special Dark
C. Light
D. Maibock
E. Straubator
F. Harvest IPL
G. 1872 Lager
H. Hefeweizen

Spring House:

A. Atomic Raygun Imperial Red
B. Diabolical Doctor Wit
C. 7 Gates Pale Ale
D. Breakfast Porter
E. Beyond the Gates
F. PB Chocolate Stout
G. Satan's Bake Sale Mint Stout
H. 2 Front Teeth
I. Planet Bean
J. Winter Ale
K. Cosmic Monster
L. Kerplunk!
M. Goofy Foot Summer Wheat
N. The Astounding She Monster Mango IPA
O. Robot Surf Factory Pineapple Pale Ale
P. Lil Gruesome
Q. Joey
R. Mystery IPA
S. Porter
T. Rick Hibiscus Saison
U. Bloodlust (Rum Barrel Aged w/ Cocoa Nibs & Jalapeno)
V. Brains! Pumpkin Beer for Zombies
W. Citra Must Be Destroyed
X. Big Gruesome Aged In Bourbon Barrels Over Coffee Beans and Cacao Nibs
Y. The Martians Kidnap Santa! Egg Nog Stout
Z. Bloodlust (Rum Barrel Aged w/ Cocoa Nibs & Coffee)
A1. Kerplunk! (Bourbon Barrel Aged w/ Cacao Nibs & Vanilla Beans)
B1. Lexicon Devil Grapefruit Pale Ale
C1. Bloodlust (Bourbon Barrel Aged w/ Cacao Nibs, Cinnamon Sticks, Vanilla Beans & Habeneros)
D1. Bloodlust (Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Aged)
E1. Creature #3- Lemon Drop IPA

The BrewErie:

A. Hopness Monster
B. Railway Weizen
C. Major McNair
D. Apparition Ale

Sly Fox:

A. Phoenix Pale Ale
B. Royal Weisse
C. Saison VOS
D. Pikeland Pils
E. 113 IPA
F. Christmas Ale 2011
G. O'Reily Stout
H. Incubus
I. Odyssey
J. Dunkel Lager
K. Helles Golden Lager
L. Nihilist Imperial Stout
M. Seamus' Irish Red Ale
N. 360 India Pale Ale
O. Grisette

New Belgium:
A. Mothership Wit
B. Fat Tire
C. Somersault
D. Snapshot 
E. Cigar City Collaboration Ale (Lips of Faith)
F. La Folie (2013 & 2015)
G. Slow Ride
H. Portage
I. Rampant
J. Ranger
K. Accumulation
L. Citradelic IPA
M. Side Trip
N. Hoppy Blonde
O. 1554
P. Heavy Mellon
Q. Fat Tire and Friends: Fat Wild Ale (Avery Collab)
R. Fat Tire and Friends: Fat Sour Apple Ale (Hopworks Collab)
S. Pumpkick
T. Fat Tire and Friends: Fat Funk Ale (Allagash Collab)
U. Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA
V. Whizbang
W. Voodoo Ranger 8 Hop Pale Ale
X. Dayblazer
Y. Tartastic

Selin's Grove:
A. Captain Selin's Cream Ale
B. Scottish Style Ale
C. Wilder's Hefe Weizen
D. Baltic Porter (Organic)
E. India Pale Ale
F. Pilsner (Organic)
G. Market Street Fest
H. Shade Mountain Oatmeal Stout
I. Saison De Peche
J. Hop Nouveau Ale
L. American Pale Ale
M. Snake Drive Stout
N. Ambition Ale
O. Wit
P. Phoenix Kriek
Q. Mai Bock
R. River Rat Triple
S. Simon's private Stock Porter
T. Framboise
U. Dinkle Wit

B. White Ale
C. Pale Ale
D. Amber Lager
E. Oktoberfest
F. Pumpkin Ale
G. High Dive
H. Cellar Series: Grand Hoppa

Anchor Brewing:
A. Steam
B. Porter
C. Our Special Ale 2011
D. Our Special Ale 2012
E. Humming Ale
F. California Lager

The Duck-Rabbit:
A. Porter
B. Milk Stout
C. Hoppy Bunny ABA
D. Brown Ale
E. Amber Ale
F. Schwarzbier

A. Dubbel Ale
B. White
C. Black
D. Curieux
E. FV13
F. Avance
G. Prince Tuesday
H. Tripel
I. Saison
J. Midnight Brett Ale
K. Nancy
L. Farm To Face
M. Confluence (2015)
N. Little Brett
O. Sixteen Counties
P. Hoppy Table Beer
Q. Golden Brett
R. Helena
S. Neddles
T. Coolship Cerise
U. House Beer
V. Evora (2015)

Boulder Beer:
A. Flashback India Brown Ale
B. Mojo IPA
C. Hazed & Infused
D. Obovoid
E. Planet Porter
F. Sweaty Betty
G. Never Summer Ale
H. Kinda Blue Blueberry Wheat Beer
I. 35th Anniversary Ale

Southampton Publick House:
A. Pumpkin Ale
B. Imperial Porter
C. Double White
D. India Pale Ale
E. Biere De Mars
F. Russian Imperial Stout

A. East India Pale Ale
B. Pilsner
C. Post Road Pumpkin Ale
D. Black Chocolate Stout
E. Brown Ale
F. Black Ops (2009)
G. Monster Ale Barleywine
H. Sorachi Ace
I. Winter Ale
J. Pennant Ale '55
K. Summer Ale
L. Pre Prohibition Lager
M. Dry Irish Stout
N. Local 2
O. Fire & Ice
P. Local 1
Q. K is for Kriek
R. Insulated Lager
S. Bel Air Sour

Long Trail:
A. Blackberry
C. Hibernator
D. Double Bag
E. Double IPA (Brewmaster Series)
F. Harvest
G. Milk Stout
H. Ale
I. Brush & Barrel Series Imperial Pumpkin
J. Limbo IPA
K. Mostly Cloudy
L. Ramble
M. Brush & Barrel Series Culmination
N. Sick Day IPA
O. Stand Out Pale Ale
P. Pumpkin Ale
Q. Cranberry Gose
R. Citrus Limbo IPA
S. Unearthed

Oliver Breweries:
(Pratt Street Ale House)
A. Pagan Porter
B. Old Habit
C. Ironman Pale Ale
D. 3 Lions Ale
E. Irish Red
F. Dark Horse
G. Bishop's Indulgence
H. Hot Monkey Love
I. Harvest Ale (2015)
J. The End Is Nigh
K. Draft Punk
K. Sea of Spears

A. Lager
B. Dark Lager

Green Flash:
A. West Coast IPA (New & Old)
B. Hop Head Red Double IPA (pre 2014)
C. Imperial IPA
D. Green Bullet
E. Double Stout
F. Rayon Vert
G. Road Warrior
H. Hop Head Red Double IPA (post 2014)
I. Sea to Sea

Iron Hill:
A. Ironbound Ale
B. Vienna Red Lager
C. Ironhill Light Lager
D. Raspberry Wheat
E. Belgian Tripel
F. Russian Imperial Stout
G. Cabbage Hill Pils
H. West Coast Wheat
I. Pig Iron Porter
J. Belgian Blonde Ale
K. Belgian Chicory Stout
L. For Richer or Porter
M. Nor' Easter IPA
N. Plunge IPA
O. Pugilist
P. Sorachisaurus
Q. Saison
R. Maibock
S. Mahalo, Apollo
T. Full Nelson IPA
U. Paint it Black
V. The Hammock
W. Titus 2XIPA
X. Scuttlebutt
Y. Sweet Session IPA (Cask)
Z. Flannel Shirt ESB
A1. Bedotter
B1. Berliner Weisse

Oskar Blues:
A. Dale's Pale Ale
C. Old Chubb
D. G'Knight
E. Mama's Little Yella Pils
F. Deviant Dale's
G. Old Chubb Nitro
H. Reeb Ryed IPA
I. Pinner Throwback IPA
K. Priscilla
L. Passion Fruit Pinner

Southern Tier:
A. 422 Pale Wheat Ale
D. Mokah
E. Phin & Matt's Extraordinary Ale
F. Hopsun
G. Old Man Winter Ale
H. 2X Stout
I. Creme Brulee
J. Pumking
K. Un*Earthly
L. Oak Aged Back Burner
M. Eurotrash Pilz
N. Choklat
O. Sonnet
P. Live
Q. Krampus
R. Porter
S. Tangier
T. Warlock
U. Harvest Ale
V. Choklat Oranj
W. Where the Helles Summer?
X. Lemon Drop Sun
Y. Nu Skool
Z. Raspberry White

A. Oktoberfest
B. Optimator

Pennsylvania Brewing Company:
A. Penn Weizen
B. Allegheny Pale Ale
C. Kaiser Pils
D. Weizen Bock
E. St. Nikolaus Bock Bier
F. Penn Dark
G. Penn Pilsner
H. Nut Roll Ale
I. Penndemonium
J. Summer Berry Weisse
K. Coal Cracker Kolsch
L. Pumpkin Roll Ale
M. Chocolate Meltdown
N. Brick Biergarten IPA
O. Ginger Beer
P. Cool River Kolsch
Q. Penn Gold
R. Tangerine Swirl

Blue Point:
A. Rastafar Rye
B. Summer Ale
C. Blueberry Ale
D. Hoptical Illusion
E. Spring Fling Copper Ale
F. Toasted Lager
G. Winter Ale
H. Pumpkin Ale
I. No Apologies
J. Old Howling Bastard
K. Mosaic IPA (test batch)
L. Oktoberfest

Cricket Hill:
A. Hopnotic
B. Fall Festivus Ale

Bavarian Barbarian:
A. Hammering Ale
B. Gothika
C. Twisted Ale
D. Bulldozer Golden Ale
E. Headbangerz Ale
F. 2X4 IPA

A. Casca Zilla
B. Apricot Wheat
C. Flower Power
D. Ground Break Saison
E. Cold Front
F. Partly Sunny
G. Excelsior! White Gold
I. Belgian Amber
J. The Creeker
K. Dark Vine
L. Double Zilla
M. Anniversary Excelsior! Sixteen
N. Green Trail
O. Embrr Rye Porter
P. Daydreamer
Q. Cayuga Cruiser
R. Country Pumpkin
S. Anniversary Excelsior! Seventeen
T. Hopkist
U. Midnight Sun
V. Raspberry Soiree

A. Nutt's Brown Ale
B. German Pilsner
C. Bengal Gold India Pale Ale
D. Belgian Double
E. Jewish Rye
F. Belgian Golden
G. Winter Ale
H. Imperial Stout
I. Amber Ale

A. Philadelphia Pale Ale
B. Extra Special Ale
C. Saison
D. Brawler
E. India Pale Ale
F. General Washington Tavern Porter
G. Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale
H. Poor Richard's Tavern Spruce Ale
I. Love Stout
J. Trubbel de Yards
K. Pynk
L. Rye
M. Cape of Good Hope
N. Cicada Belgian IPA
O. Love Stout (firkin w/ vanilla & coffee)
P. Golden Hop IPA
Q. Philly Pale Ale (w/ Blood Orange firkin)
R. Bourbon Barrel George Washington Porter
S. Chocolate Love Stout
T. Rival IPA

Old Forge:
A. Old Forge Alt
B. T-Rail Pale Ale
C. Single Malt Fugles
D. Egan's Best Bitter
E. Slightly Rood
F. Endless Summer
G. Celestial Blonde Ale
H. 11
I. Hopsmith IPL
J. Overbite IPA
K. Resolution Rye Stout
L. MARC Montrocious Ale
M. Bellows Brown Ale
N. Unruly Rye
O. Irish Draught Ale
P. Paradise Pilsner
Q. Exploration Pale Ale #2
R. Smoke Porter (Barrel Aged)
S. Ryetious Roggenbier
T. Eva's White Ale
U. Under

A. Truly Honest Amber Ale
B. Best Blonde Ale
C. Lay Down and Stay Down
D. Ludwig's Revenge
E. Daddy Fat Sacks
F. Doc's Pale Ale
G. Downtown Abbey
H. Ichabod Crane's Midnight Ride
I. Mind Your P's and Q's
J. Lovitz Watermelon Lager

East End:
A. East End Witte
B. Big Hop IPA
C. Pennsultucky Uncommon
D. Old Nebby Stock Ale

Union Barrel Works:
A. Pale Ale
B. Pilsner
C. Kolsch
D. Wobbly Bob's Doppelbock
E. Pumpkin Spice Ale
F. Lager
G. Mai Bock
H. Hefeweizen
I. Hop Knockers IPA
J. Round Boy Stout
K. Uncle Fester Oktoberfest

A. Slab Cabin IPA
B. Apricot Wheat
C. Blueberry Lager
E. Spring Lager
F. Red Mo
G. Oktoberfest
H. Mt. Nittany Pale Ale
I. Maibock Lager
J. Arthur's IPA
K. Pallet Jack Pale Ale
L. Old Fugget
M. Black Mo Stout
N. Hefeweizen
O. Spruce Creek Lager
P. Pilsener Lager
Q. Arthur's Robust Porter

A. Patchway Pale Ale
B. Stone Mason Stout
C. Kolsch
D. Fusion Ale
E. Anniversary Ale Smoke Barley Wine
F. Belgian Style Triple
G. Avalanche IPA
H. Biere de Marz
I. Dortmunder 
J. Hoppy Wheat
K. Mark's Mash Hopped Pale Ale
L. Citra Saison
M. Oktoberfest
N. Belgian Style Dubbel
O. Weizenbock
P. Amber Lager
Q. Locke Mountain Lager
R. Highway 22 Wheat Ale
S. Stumblin' Chef
T. Keller Bier
U. Wheat Wine
V. India Pale Lager

North Country:
A. Station 33 Firehouse Red
B. Stone House Stout
C. Lavender Abbey
D. Black Wit
E. Buck Snort Stout
F. Slimy Pebble Pils
G. Bucco Blonde
H. Stinky Hippie Pale Ale
I. Ryeparian

Sprague Farm & Brew Works:
A. Rustbelt Amber Ale
B. Fighting Scotchtoberfest
C. Black IPA
D. Hellbender Porter
E. Ale Mary
F. Spauger Logger
G. Plowboy Pilsener

Nodding Head:
A. Rufus
B. Triple Lindy
C. Jezebel
D. Grog
E. 60 Shilling
G. Bill Payer Ale

A. Bohemian Blonde
B. Krook's Mill
C. California Dreamin'
D. Biere de Mers
E. Red Rye Ale
F. Manayunk Lager
G. Schuylkill Punch
H. Smokehouse Porter
I. Bill's Pils
J. Ficus Carica
K. Sir Dank-a-Lot
L. Belly Flop
M. Monk from the Yunk
N. Fresh Hops of Bel Air
O. Wet Dreamin'
P. Hoppa Smurf
Q. Pink Peppercorn Wingman
R. Crunch

A. Ipswich- Winter Ale
B. Ipswich- Oatmeal Stout
C. Ipswich- IPA
D. Ipswich- Summer Ale
E. Stone Cat - ESB
F. Frosty Knuckle- Special Reserve Ale
G. Ipswich- 20th Anniversary Imperial Pale Ale
H Ipswich- Harvest Ale
I . Ipswich- Local Harvest 5 Mile Stock Ale
J. Ispwich- Local Harvest 5 Mile Pumpernickel Rye Porter
K. Ipswich- Local Harvest 5 Mile Corn Bock
L. Ipswich- Local Harvest 5 Mile Rye Saison Ale
M. Ipswich- Local Harvest 5 Mile Hop Harvest IPA
N. Ipswich- Local Harvest 5 Mile Equinox Pale Ale
O. Ipswich- 21st Anniversary Imperial Dark Ale
P. Ipswich- Rye Porter
Q. Ipswich- Route 101 IPA
R. Ipswich- Hop Harvest
S. Ipswich- S.I.P.A.
T. Ipswich- Cranberry Beret
U. Ipswich- Barley Wine
V. Ipswich- Blueberry Shandy
W. Ipswich- Route 1A Double IPA

Clown Shoes:
A. Clown Shoes- Vampire Slayer
B. Clown Shoes- Genghis Pecan
C. Clown Shoes- Hammer of the Holy
D. Clown Shoes- Space Cake
E. Clown Shoes- Galactica
F. Clown Shoes- Blaecorn Unidragon
G. Clown Shoes- Swagger
H. Clown Shoes- Ride the Lion
I. American Black Ale Lubrication
J. Clementine White Ale
K. Happy Feet Black IPA
L. Crunkle Sam
M. Tramp Stamp
N. Coffee Pecan Pie Porter
O. Undead Party Crasher
P. Mango
Q. Chocolate Sombrero

A. Cuvee Des Trolls
B. Bush Blonde
C. Bush Amber

Kapittel Watou:
A. Prior
B. Pater
C. Dubbel

A. Serum XXIPA
B. Sawtooth
C. American Black Ale
D. Double Naked Fish
E. Mysterium
F. Venom
G. Hellrazer
H. Black Lightning
I. Devil's Milk
J. Sweet Baby Jesus!
K. X-1 (Imperial Chocolate Rye Porter)
L. Oz Fractional IPA
M. Misery Wheat Wine
N. Sweet Baby Jesus (firkin w/ chipotle)
O. Snake Oil
P. 31 Pumpkin Spiced Lager
Q. Dirty Little Freak
R. Old Flame
S. Sweet Baby Jesus! (firkin w/ snickers)
T. Divine Retribution No. 3
U. Hell on Wood
V. Anti-Venom Cluster F#@k
W. Cocoa Fuego
X. Funk
Y. Colossus
Z. Dirty Filthy Soul
A1. Devil's Due
B1. Exiled X-9: 865cc Coffee Stout
C1. Neon Gypsy
D1. Brimstone Ryewine Ale
E1. X-10 Saison with Cantaloupe
F1. Impey Barbicane's Moon Gun Amber Ale (w/ Cigar City)
G1. Rye One On
H1. Blood Orange Neon Gypsy
I1. Misfit Red
J1. Foundation Series- Maibock
K1. Farmhouse Gypsy

A. Miss Liberty Lager
B. India Pale Ale
C. Deep River Wheat
D. Rocket's Red Ale
E. Nut Brown Ale
F. Blackberry Wheat
G. Patriot Porter
H. Belgian White

Arcadia Ales:
A. Sky High Rye
B. Angler's Ale
C. Cocoa Loco
D. Hop Rocket
E. Hopmouth Double IPA
F. Rapunzel

Pangaea Beer Co.:
A. Lilja's Sasquatch Stout
B. Lilja's Pulling Boat Pale Ale

Cape Ann:
A. Fisherman's Ale- Kolsch-Style B. IPA
C. Bavarian Wheat
D. Fisherman's Imperial Pumpkin Stout
E. Fisherman's Reserve #4
F. Joey Rocks Milk Stout
G. Tea Party
H. Ironclad IPL
I. Navigator
J. Rock Porter
K. Blackburn Imperial Stout
L. Dead Eye Double IPA
M. Pils
N. Sunrise Saison
O. Fisherman's Brew

A. Manheim Red
C. Wheat Bier
D. Raspberry Summer Ale
E. Porter
F. American IPA

A. Organic ESB
B. Snake Chaser Irish Style Stout
C. Riverwest Stein Beer
D. Klish Pilsner
E. Wheat Monkey Ale
G. Eastside Dark
H. Fuel Cafe
I. Fixed Gear

New Holland:
A. Mad Hatter (IPA)
B. Sun Dog Amber Ale
C. Ichabod Ale
D. Dragon's Milk
E. Night Tripper
F. Blue Sunday Sour (2014)

A. Lager
B. Bock
C. Porter
D. Fest Lager
E. Summer Ale
F. Del's Shandy

A. Blond
B. Dubbel

A. Leg Humper Stout
B. Cat Chaser IBA
C. Guide Dog Gold
D. Ankle Biter Amber
E. Wagging Tail Wit
F. Barking Dog Bock
G. Kong Kolsch
H. Dog Runner Red
I. Guard Dog Porter
J. Tire Chaser IPA
K. Bitch in Wheat Hefe

Barley Creek:
A. Pumpkin Oktoberfest
B. Rescue IPA
C. Super Hop Tripel IPA
D. Iron Arm Belgian Style Wheat

A. Special Lager
B. Ale
C. Cask of Amontillado
D. Tell Tale Heart IPA

De Hopduvel:
A. Brunette
B. Blondine

A. Aged Pale
B. Blond
C. Oud Bruin
D. Aged Red
A. Idiot IPA
B. Orange Avenue Wit
C. Islander IPA
D. Blue Bridge Coffee Stout
E. Hibiscus IPA
F. Sock Knocker IPA
G. Mermaid's Red Ale
H. Senor Saison
I. 19th Anniversary Imperial IPA
J. Punk'in Drublic
K. Punk'in Drublic (Brandy Barrel 2014)
L. Coronado Golden Pilsner
M. Old Scallywag (Brandy Barrel 2015)
N. Stingray IPA
O. Imperial Blue Bridge Coffee Stout

A. Dirty Bastard
B. Red's Rye P.A.
C. Double Trouble
D. Breakfast Stout
E. Porter
F. Centennial IPA
G. Bolt Cutter
H. All Day IPA
I. Dry Hopped Pale Ale
J. Rubaeus
K. Doom
L. Devil Dancer
M. Frangelic Mountain Brown
N. Mango Magnifico
O. Sweet Repute
P. Dissenter
Q. Backwoods Bastard
R. Dark Penance Imperial Black IPA
S. Imperial Stout
T. Curmudgeon Old Ale
U. Blushing Monk
V. ReDANKulous Imperial Red IPA
W. KBS (2015)
X. Azacca IPA
Y. Mosaic Promise
Z. KBS (2016)
A1. PC Pils
B1. Frootwood
C1. Doom (2017)

21st Amendment:
A. Back in Black
B. Hell or High Watermelon
C. Brew Free! Or Die IPA
D. Monk's Blood
E. Allies Win the War
F. Fireside Chat
G. Hop Crisis
H. Marooned on Hog Island

North Shore Brewers:
A. Pumpkin
B. Oatmeal Stout
C. Wassail (2011)
E. Apple Ale
G. Wassail (2012)
H. My Thai
I. Barrel Rye
J. Apple Pie Brown
K. Watermelon Cider
L. Santa Bill's San Pellegrino IPA
M. Hop Factor
N. Night Owl
O. Iced Cider
P. Day of Doom with Brett
Q. Tim's Pale Barley Wine
R. Fruitcake Quad
S. Double Click

A. Bock
B. Ruby Redbird
C. 966 Farmhouse Ale
D. White Wing
E. Wild Hare Pale Ale
F. Kolsch Brewer's Pride No. 5
G. Kosmos Reserve
H. Bohemian Black Lager (Shiner 97)
I. Birthday Beer
J. Prickly Pear
K. Haymaker

Kona Brewing:
A. Longboard Island Lager
B. Wailua
C. Fire Rock Pale Ale
D. Koko Brown
E. Big Wave Golden Ale
F. Pipeline Porter
G. Castaway IPA

Bear Republic:
A. Big Bear Black
B. Ricardo's Rocket Red Ale
C. Racer 5 IPA
D. Apex
E. Mach 10

Widmer Brothers:
A. Falconer's IPA (Rotator Series)
B. Hefeweizen
C. Pitch Black IPA
D. Omission Gluten Free Lager
E. Omission Gluten Free Pale Ale
F. Hopside Down IPL
G. Citra Blonde Summer Brew
H. Upheaval IPA
I. Columbia Common
J. Brrr

Lost Coast:
A. Downtown Brown
B. Tangerine Wheat
C. Great White
D. Indica (IPA)
E. Winterbraun

Bison Brewing:
A. Organic Chocolate Stout
B. Organic Honey Basil
C. Organic Gingerbread Ale

Ballast Point:
A. Big Eye IPA
B. Calico Amber Ale
C. Sculpin
D. Habanero Sculpin
E. Dorado Double IPA
F. Victory at Sea
G. Tongue Buckler
H. Fathom
I. Grapefruit Sculpin
J. Sour Wench
K. Calm Before the Storm

Pizza Boy:
A. Lager
B. Imperial Double IPA (#1)
C. Belgian Pale
D. Hefe
E. Belgian Pale (Cherry Wood Bitter cask)
F. Bock
G. Simcoe
H. Grasslands
I. Mango IPA
J. Turkey Burglar 
K. Pink Collar Lager
L. Blue Collar Lager
M. Columbus Triple IPA
N. West Shore IPA
O. Stakem
P. Sunny Side Up (Little Amps Coffee)
Q. Hopgasm (Amarillo)
R. Bean Dream
S. Hoppy Fields
T. Royal Tannin Bomb
U. Holy-F
V. Octoberfest
W. Arck Angel 4XIPA
X. Both Barrels Barley Wine
Y. California Uber Helles
Z. Solid Gold Bock
A1. Hazelton Native
B1. Sunny Side Up (Cocoa Nibs, Coffee, Vanilla Bean firkin)
C1. Quad
D1. Bumblephuq
E1. Pallet Mallet
F1. Chocolate & Nuts
G1. Rye Beer Sucks
H1. Permasmile
I1. Intangible
J1. Pine Apple Sour
K1. Afternoon Delight
L1. Free Fall
M1. Nut Brown Ale
N1. Hazelton Alien
O1. Pappy
P1. Ffej Licks Limes IPA (2nd place IPA)
Q1. Triple J (Kupko Wedding Beer)
R1. Zester Molester IPA (Grapefruit)
S1. Collab
T1. Sour Brown
U1. Citra Pils
V1. Late Summer Ale
W1. Hoptart
X1. Sunny Side Up Root Beer(w/Anise)
Y1. Pallet Mallet (cask with hop addition)
Z1. Toadal Devestation
A2. Angel of Death
B2. Conclusion
C2. Apple Crisp
D2. Alphonso Mango (Hop test #1)
E2. Lemon Mint IPA
F2. Fantastic 5 Collab
G2. Galaxy (Hop Test #1)
H2. Simcoe SamuRye
I2. Hoptart 3.0 Columbard
J2. Kaesar-haffner
K2. Citrus Flip
L2. Ninja Snipa
M2. Abascio-Cell (Base Beer)
N2. Bubbalicious
O2. Red Ale
P2. Allergic Reaction
Q2. The Pits
R2. Hoppy American Stout
S2. Raspberry Sour
T2. CitrusTits
U2. Sour Ale- Kiwi
V2. Frontside Lipside
W2. Freefall
X2. Muscat Farmhouse IPA
Y2. The Hardest Part
Z2. Grasslands w/ Grenache Grapes (Aged on Cherry Wood)
A3. SnIPA Claussenii
B3. Smurph's Blood
C3. Armor Shark
D3. Sun Kissed Chocolate Orange Imperial Stout (with Stouts and Stilettos)
E3. Arooga's Double Wingstinguisher IPA
F3. Eternal Sunshine w/ Lemons
G3. Eternal Sunshine
H3. Stoop-ified
I3. Golden Sour
J3. Murren River
K3. Keystoner
L3. Sunny Side Up Bourbon Barrel
M3. Pizza Chaser
N3. Moonstomp (collab w/ East End)
O3. Uber Murren (w/ Citra)
P3. Eternal Sunshine (w/ Citrus)
Q3. Hopricot Grove
R3. UberDuper Murren
S3. Uber Murren Habenera
T3. Hellnation (Hop test #1)
U3. Wonder Whine
V3. Lacto Calrissian Sour Double IPA
W3. HBW - 2016
X3. Straight Up Hefe
Y3. Dissin' Terry
Z3. Mango River
A4. Amore Shark
B4. On the Fritz
C4. Magic...Under Where?
D4. Dub 56
E4. Shandalous
F4. DetrimentAL
G4. Flying Laserbeams
H4. Stay Handsome
I4. Extra Crispy
J4. Shaking the Tree
K4. Spandex, Glitter, and Egos
L4. Reverse Swirly
M4. Jucifer
N4. Honeycrisp Weisers Apples- Cinnamon Vanilla
O4. LegenDairy- Peaches
P4. LegenDairy- Pineapple
Q4. WET Shore
R4. Quickest Forever
S4. LegenDairy- Strawberry
T4. Arck Angel Blueberry
U4. Arck Angel Peaches
V4. Monica Lupulinski
W4. Soul Crusher Saison
X4. Hampden IPA
Y4. LemonDairy
Z4. 220 Pound Nap
A5. 440 Pound Nap
B5. Stay Handsome 2 IPA
C5. Sour Murren River

A. Otis Oatmeal Stout
B. Righteous Ale
C. Resin
D. Diesel
E. Bengali Tiger IPA
F. 3 Beans
G. Apollo
I. The Crisp
J. Hi-Res
K. Sensi Harvest
L. Puff
M. Spilled Beans

A. Lucky U IPA (*homage to Tivoli Brewery)
B. Vanilla Porter
C. Avalanche Amber
D. Regal Double Pilsner
E. Ophelia
F. 471 Small Batch IPA
G. Agave Wheat
H. Mango Mosaic

Gritty McDuff's:

A. 21 IPA
B. Original Pub Style Pale Ale
C. Scottish Ale
D. Best Brown Ale
E. Vacation Land

Middle Ages:
A. Beast Bitter
B. Druid Fluid
C. Wailing Wench

A. Beer Geek Breakfast
B. 1000 IBU
C. Two Gypsies Our Side
D. Invasion Farmhouse IPA
E. Beer Hop Breakfast
F. SpontanCherry Frederiksdal
G. Beer Geek Cocoa Shake

B. Grand Cru
C. Old Numbskull
D. Wee Heavy
E. Speedway Stout
F. Yule Smith Winter 2012

Mother Earth:
A. Sisters of the Moon
B. Weeping Willow Wit
C. Dark Cloud
D. Endless River Kolsch

Rock Art:
A. Vermonster
B. Belvidere Big IPA
D. Whitetail Golden Ale
E. Extreme Pumpkin Imperial Spruce Stout
F. Barrel Aged Vermonster
G. Woodstock Farmer's Market Simcoe IPA

A. Belfast Black Ale
B. Imperial Red
C. Death or Glory
D. Devil Bird
E. Imperial French Ale (Rum Barrel Aged)
F. Imperial French Ale (Tequila Barrel Aged)

A. Red Eye Irish Red
B. Live Bait Amber Ale

St. Boniface:
A. Libation Double IPA
B. Black Currant Stout
C. Wheat Ale
D. Offering #7 - Dry Irish Stout
E. Paideia Pale Ale
F. Hegemony Stout
G. Offering #11 - Molasses Porter
H. Offering #22- Berliner Weisse
I. Bulls Head Mild
J. Kettleface (Double Dry Hopped)

A. Maximus IPA
B. Pils
D. The Hairy Eyeball Ale
E. Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale
F. Day Time Fractional IPA
G. Sonoma Farmhouse Hop Stoopid
H. The Kronik (Censored- Rich Copper Ale)
I. Brown Shugga'
K. Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale
L. Lucky 13 (Mondo Large Red Ale)
M. Sucks
N. New Dogtown Pale Ale
O. Cappuccino Stout
P. NightTime Ale
Q. A Little Sumpin' Extra! Ale
R. Imperial Red
S. Little Sumpin' Wild ale
T. The Waldos Special Ale (Aka- Waldo's 420)
U. Equinox
V. Imperial Pilsner
W. Olde Gnarlywine
X. Born Yesterday Pale Ale
Y. Aunt Sally
Z. Stoopid Wit
A1. Tuberfest

Otter Creek:
A. Winter Red Ale
B. Black IPA
C. Stovepipe Porter
D. Spring Bock
E. Copper Ale
F. Shed IPA
G. Shed Mountain Ale
H. Kind Ryed IPA
I. Double Dose IPA (with Lawson's)
J. Citra Mantra
K. Vermont Lager
L. Overgrown
M. Backseat Berner
N. Over Easy
O. Joint Custody (collab w/ Jack's Abby)
P. Couch Surfer
Q. Double or Nothing (collab w/ Lawson's)
R. Steampipe

Dock Street:
A. DS Belgian Ale
B. Prisoner of Hell
C. Rye IPA
D. Dude de Garde
E. Man Full of Trouble Porter
F. Satellite Espresso Stout
G. Prince Myshkins Russian Imperial Stout

A. Richard Cranium Rye
B. Black
C. Blue Bell Pale Ale
D. IPA (Calypso Hops)
E. Hop Slobber
F. White
G. Something Dark
H. 12 Hops of Christmas
I. Golden Toos
J. Brown Porter
K. Golden Toos- Randalized
L. White- Special Hopped
M. Killer Dogs IPA
N. Killer Dogs- Randalized with Columbus hops
O. Blue Bell Pale Ale- Randalized with Ahtanem hops
P. Blue Bell Pale Ale (Dry hopped with Citra)
Q. Tigolbitty Hefe
R. Something Dark (w/ Brett)
S. Dunkelwine
T. 12 Hops of Christmas (2013)
U. Funky Golden Toos (aged Chardonnay cask)
V. Richard Cranium Rye (firkin with lychee)
W. White (Orange Liqueur Soaked Oak Chips)
X. 6 Hops of Christmas
Y. Funky White Boy

Iron City:
A. Mango Light
B. Amber

Samuel Smith's:
A. Old Brewery Pale Ale
B. The Celebrated Oatmeal Stout
C. India Ale
D. Organic Chocolate Stout
E. Imperial Stout

A. GestAlt
B. Ascension

A. Draught
B. Original Extra Stout
C. Foreign Extra Stout
D. Black Lager
E. Blonde American Lager
F. Nitro IPA

A. Lager
B. Light
C. Wheat
D. Radler

Flying Fish:
A. Extra Pale Ale
B. Belgian Style Dubbel
C. Exit 16- Wild Rice Double IPA
D. Red Fish
E. Hopfish IPA
F. Grand Cru Winter Reserve
G. Exit 4- American Trippel
H. Exit 3- Blueberry Braggot
I. Exit 1- Bayshore Oyster Stout
J. Farmhouse Summer Ale
K. Oktoberfish
L. Exit 15- Coffee IPA
M. Daylight Savings IPA
N. Exit 18- Baltic Porter

A. Peeper Ale
B. Lunch IPA
C. Zoe
D. Red Wheelbarrow
E. Weez
F. A Tiny Beautiful Something
G. Lil One
H. King Titus
I. Mean Old Tom
J. Pilot 10
K. Another One
L. Beer 1

A. Pamola XTRA Pale Ale
B. Amber Road
C. Stowaway IPA
D. Bootleg Fireworks
E. Ceremony
F. Window Seat

Pretty Things:
A. St. Botolph's Town
B. Baby Tree
C. Jack D' Or
D. Babayaga
E. Once Upon A Time East India Pale Ale 1879
F. Once Upon A Time KK 1901
G. Once Upon A Time East India Porter 1855
H. Our Finest Regards
I. Fringe
J. Once Upon A Time 1939 No. 1 Ale
K. Lovely Saint Winefride

Turkey Hill:
A. Barn Dance Blonde
B. Journey Man IPA
C. Wholly Trinity Tripel
D. Lightstreet Porter
E.  Palmetto Pilsner
F. It's Getting Hot In Here Steam Ale
G. Black Heart IPA
H. Sour Kolsch
I. Revelation Pale Ale
J. Donny's Irish Dry Stout
K. 60 Shillings Scottish Ale
L. Industrial Union Dortmunder
M. Bohemian Grisette

A. Horizon Red Ale
B. Dunkel Weizen (Unchained Series)
C. Pilsener
D. Summer Ale
E. Oatmeal Stout
F. Winter Ale
G. Frost Line Rye
H. Unchained #7: Harvest Fresh
I. Unchained #18: Hop Silo Double IPA
J. Union Series #4: 3X Mild Ale
K. Hopvale Organic
L. Extra Pale Ale
M. Oktoberfest

River Horse:
A. Hop Hazard
B. Tripel Horse

A. Alta Garcia Coffee Porter
B. Oatmeal Stout
C. Wildflower Wheat
D. India Pale Ale
E. Pumpkin Ale
F. Brown Ale
A. Copperhead Ale
B. Helles Lager
C. Route 1 Session IPA
D. Gypsy Lager
E. Sunseeker Wheat

A. Primal Pale Ale
B. Lot #3
C. Lucky 7
D. Summer Session Ale
E. Exile ESB
F. Lot #6
G. Sprung
H. Exile Red Ale
I. Seacrets TropicAle
J.Jacques Au Lantern
K. Secret Spot
L. Alpha Six Golden Ale
M. Crystal Row
N. Rise Up Stout
O. Rise Up Russian Imperial Stout
P. Pine'Hop'Le
Q. DelMarVa Pure Pils

Bud Light:
A. Golden Wheat
B. Lime
C. Platinum
D. Lime-A-Rita
E. Straw-Ber-Rita
F. Light
G. Lime Mang-O-Rita
H. Mixx Tail Long Island Iced Tea

Goose Island:
A. Oatmeal Stout
B. Honkers Ale
C. Pepe Nero
D. Summertime
E. Matilda
F. 312 Urban Wheat Ale
G. India Pale Ale
H. Sofie
I. Nut Brown Ale
J. Mild Winter
K. Bourbon County Stout (2012)
L. Harvest Ale
M. Sixth Day
N. Big John
O. Ten Hills Pale Ale
P. Endless IPA
Q. The Ogden
R. The Illinois
S. Lolita
T. Madame Rose (2012)
U. Rambler IPA
V. Bourbon County Barleywine (2014)
W. The Muddy
X. Madame Rose (2014)
Y. 312 Urban Pale Ale
Z. Goose IPA
A1. Leggy Las IPA (Tilted Kilt)
B1. Oktoberfest
C1. Bourbon County Stout (2015)
D1. Bourbon County Stout (2016)

Burley Oak:
A. Just the Tip
B. Rude Boy
C. Bunker-C
D. SummaRye
E. Port d'Orange
F. Hugs and Nugs
G. Rob's Wife
H. Pale Ryder
I. Black Cow Milk Stout
J. Cherry Poppins
K. Secret Sauce
L. Aboriginal Gangster
M. Afternoon  Delight
N. SuperFun Stout
O. Waffle Stomper
P. Sour Trip
Q. Ich Bin Ein
R. Awesome Sauce
S. Sorry Chicky
T. P Funk Sour Stout
U. Brett the Hitman Tart
V. Wild Thang
W. Found
X. Sour Sauce
Y. Sour Diesel
Z. Brown Out
A1. Homegrown
B1. Ruder Boy Bourbon Barrel Aged
C1. Summer Eclipse
D1. High Whhheat Aged In Red Wine Barrels
E1. High Whhheat Aged In White Wine Barrrels

Old Dominion:
A. Big Thaw Bock
B. Hop Mountain Pale Ale
C. Oak Barrel Stout
D. Gigi's Farmhouse Ale
E. Cherry Blossom Lager
F. Double D
16 Mile:
A. Amber Sun Ale
B. Inlet IPA
C. Old Court Ale
D. Blues' Golden Ale

A. Wheelers Brown
B. Original Amber Ale
C. No Name IPA
D. S.O.S.

A. Descendant Suffolk Dark Ale
B. Old Powderhouse
C. Saison Renaud Ale 16
D. Mary of the Gael
E. Eldergold
F. Spectral Evidence
G. Bromantic Vacation

A. Blueberry Lager
B. Raspberry Lager

North Coast:
A. Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
B. Red Seal
C. Pranqster
D. Old No. 38 Stout
A. Peste
B. Loser Pale Ale
C. The Immortal IPA
D. Night Owl
E. Prometheus IPA
F. Mortis
G. Super Fuzz
I. Savant IPA
J. Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout
K. The Mens Room Original Red
L. Dayglow IPA
M. Punkuccion Coffee Pumpkin Ale
N. Bifrost Winter Ale
O. Space Dust IPA
P. Perseus Porter
Q. The Fix

Rock Bottom:
A. Rambler Rye
B. Rumkellweizen
C. Kolsch
D.Red Rocks Red Ale
F. Belgian White Ale
G. Prussianator Winterbock
H.Snow Cat White IPA (and on cask)
I. Winter Tartan Ale
J. Moonlight Porter

A. Captain Rudes Blackwater Stout
B. Scotland's Terror Scottish Ale
C. Hefeweizen
D. Red Beard's Irish Red
E. Steil Gehen Helles Bock
F. Ginger Beer
G. The 300- Double Dark IPA

Jack's Abby:
A. Smoke and Dagger
B. Hoponius Union
C. Kiwi Rising
E. Jabby Brau
F. Maple Smoked Lager (with Lawson's)
G. Mass Rising- 2nd Anniversary Lager
H. Copper Legend Octoberfest
I. Pro-Am Pilsner
J. Framinghammer
K. Mom and Pop's Pumpkin Crop Lager
L. Sunny Ridge
M. Jack's Evil Brew
N. Saxonator
O. Smoked Marzen
P. Barrel Aged Framinghammer
Q. Coffee Framinghammer
R. Vanilla Framinghammer
S. Numb Swagger
T. Hopstitution XPL (#4)
U. Cherry Barrel-Aged Berliner Braun
V. Session Rye IPL
W. Baby Maker
X. Berliner Braun Lager
Y. Framingham Lager
Z. Leisure Time Lager
A1. Berliner Style Lager
C1. Hopstitution XPL (#7)
D1. House Lager
E1. Lager Ness Monster
F1. Cocoa-Nut Barrel Aged Framinghammer
G1. PB&J Barrel Aged Framinghammer
H1. Bride Maker
I1. Hopstitution #3 Calyptra
J1. Nectarine Sour
K1. Cranberry Sour
L1. Excess IPL
M1. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Brewery Maker
N1. Mole Barrel  Aged Framinghammer
O1. 3x Dry Hopped Hoponious Union (w/Azacca)
P1. Hibiscus Blood Orange Leisure Time
Q1. My Butt Hurts Like Helles

Russian River:
A. Pliny the Elder
B. Damnation
C. Consecration
D. Redemption
E. Blind Pig
F. Sanctification
G. Supplication
H. Framboise for a Cure
I. Temptation
J. Damnation 23 (Oak Aged)

A. Abbey Dubbel
B. 3 Philosophers
C. Hop House
D. Gnomegang
E. Hennepin
F. Game of Thrones: Three Eyed Raven
G. Nirvana IPA
H. Double IPA
I. Glimmer Glass
J. Rosetta
K. Grains of Truth
L. Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms

Anderson Valley:
A. Hop Ottin' IPA
B. Poleeko Gold Pale Ale
C. Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout
D. The Kimmie, The Yink & The Holy Gose
E. Blood Orange Gose
F. Oude Featherleggy (2013)
G. Pinchy Jeek Barl
A. Raspberry Trail Ale
C. Eldridge Grade White Knuckle Double IPA
D. Tripel Dipsea Belgian Style Ale
E. San Quentins Breakfast Stout
F. Hoppy Holidaze

A. Hopsickle
B. Moylander's Double IPA
C. Dragoons Dry Irish Stout
A. Solstice Kolsch Style
B. Detour Crooked Line Double IPA
C. Hop Notch/Nosh
D. Baba Organic Black Lager
E. Dubhe Imperial Black IPA
F. Monkshine Organic Belgian Style Golden Ale
G. Wyld Organic Extra Pale Ale
H. Bristlecone Brown Ale
I. Sea Legs
J. Yard Sale Winter Lager
K. Birthday Suit Sour Farmhouse Ale (21st anniversary)
L. Birthday Suit Sour Brown Ale (20th anniversary)
M. Hyve Ale
N. Cahoots Saison
O. Hoodoo Kolsch Style Ale
P. Anniversary Barley Wine Ale
Q. Hop Nosh Tangerine

A. Nut Brown Ale
B. Hoffmann Helles

A. Knot Stock
B. Proper

Full Pint:
A. Perc E Bust Robust Coffee Porter
B. Rye Rebellion
C. Night of the Living Stout
D. Wild Side Cuvee
E. Chinookie IPA
F. All In Amber Ale
G. Social Session IPA
H. Gus IPA

A. Pork Slap Pale Ale
B. Snapperhead IPA
C. Heinnieweisse
D. Moo Thunder
Atwater Block:
A. Winter Bock
B. Atwater's Lager
C. Vanilla Java Porter
D. Grand Circus IPA
E. Decadent Dark Chocolate Ale
F. VJ Black Imperial Stout
G. Hop-A-Peel
H. Cash for Gold
I. Lebkuchen Christmas Ale
J. Bloktoberfest
K. Lip Lock Cherry Stout

A. Summer of Lager
B. Pumple Drumkin
C. Moor Porter
D. Cranberry Woods
E. Whale's Tale Pale Ale
F. Winter Shredder

A. Golden Toos
B. Czech Pilsner
C. Marty Moose Black IPA
D. Chocolate Stout
E. Apricot Wheat
F. The Darkside
H. All American APA
I. Citra Honey Kolsh
J. Double Bock
K. Amber Ale
L. Czech Pilsner
M. Red Ryeder
N. Coffee Oatmeal Stout
O. Down Unda Plunda
P. Pineapple Pale Ale
R. Raspberry Cream Ale
S. Biere De Garde
T. Dirty Dunkel
U. Maniacal Monocle ESB
V. EBB and Flow
W. Amarillo All Day
X. Carl's Black IPA
Y. Carl's Russian Imperial Stout

Holy Mackerel:
A. Panic Attack! (2012 & 2015)
B. Special Golden Ale (2011 & 2015)
C. Mack in Black

A. Maudite
B. Ephemere Apple
C. Raftman
D. Trois Pistoles

A. Oktoberfest Marzen
B. Weisse
C. Munich Gold

Evil Genius:
A. Trick or Treat
B. Blind Eye IPA
C. Evil Eye PA
D. Movemebeer
E. Forsaken
F. I Love Lamp
G. Trick or Treat (Randal with Ginger)
H. Turtle Power
I. Purple Monkey Dishwater
J. Naughty or Nice?
K. Ma! The Meatloaf!
L, Shut up, Meg!
M. Hop King
N. Chickity China the Chinese Chicken
O. Stacy's Mom
P. Han Shot First
Q. I'll Have What She's Having
R. This One Time At Band Camp
S. More Cowbell
T. O'Doyle Rules- Almost IPA
U. #Adulting
V. Hoorya! Sports

Henry Weinhard:
A. Woodland Pass IPA
B. Private Reserve Lager
C. Redwood Flats Amber

Three Floyds:
A. Dreadnaught
B. Alpha King
C. Rye Da Tiger
D. Zes Zes Zes
E. Gumballhead
F. Razor Hoof
G. Space Station Middle Finger
H. Lord Rear Admiral
I. Backmasking
J. Yum Yum
K. Broo Doo
L. Moloko
M. Deesko!
N. Zombie Dust
O. Blackheart
P. Cimmerian Sabertooth Berzerker
Q. Robert the Bruce
R. Dark Lord (2011)

A. Genesis Dry Hopped Session Ale
B. Messiah Nut Brown Ale
C. Rejewvenator (2014)
D. Jewbelation Reborn
Iron Springs:
A. JC Flyer
B. Epiphany Ale
C. Casey Jones Imperial IPA

Hair of the Dog:
A. Ruth American Pale Ale
B. Adam

Cigar City:
A. Double American Black Ale
B. Jai Alai IPA
C. Florida Cracker
D. Maduro Brown Ale
E. Hopped On The High Seas (Kohatu)
F. Invasion Pale Ale
G. Fight the Power Sour
H. Hotter Than Helles

The Bruery:
A. Three French Hens
B. Chocolate Rain
C. White Oak
D. Mischief
E. Humulus Lager
F. Hottenroth
G. Saison Rue
H. Smoking Wood Bourbon Barrel Aged
I. Bruery Terreux - Gypsy Tears
J. Melange No. 15

Hoppin' Frog:
A. Boris the Crusher
B. Hop Dam
C. Doris the Destroyer
D. Mean Manalishi Double IPA
E. King Gose Home
F. Barrel Aged Frosted Frog Christmas Ale
Great Lakes:
A. Edmund Fitzgerald
B. Alchemy Hour Chillwave Double IPA
C. Eliot Ness
D. Commodore Perry IPA
E. Burning River Pale Ale
F. Dortmunder Gold
G. Nosferatu
H. Christmas Ale (2013 & 2014)
I. Blackout Stout
J. Conway's Irish Ale
K. Lake Erie Monster
L. Rye of the Tiger
M. Oktoberfest
N. Alberta Clipper Porter
O. Sharpshooter Session Wheat IPA
P. Burning River (firkin w/ orange peal)
Q. Ohio City Oatmeal Stout
R. Steady Rollin' Session IPA
S. Chillwave w/ Mango (firkin)

Midnight Sun:
A. Meltdown Double IPA
B. Treat Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter

Legacy Brewing:
A. Midnight Wit
B. Euphoria

Great Divide:
A. Denver Pale Ale
B. Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout
C. Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti
D. Oatmeal Yeti
E. Yeti Imperial Stout
F. Titan
G. 20th Anniversary

A. Orange Blossom Pilsner
B. Toasted Coconut Porter
C. Back In The Day IPA

River House Brewpub:
A. Canal Porter
B. Black Knight  Bourbonov
C. Cherry Dubbel
D. Winter-Ale Double Bock
E. Belgian Dubbel
F. Cascade King 2XIPA

A. Edgar IPA
B. Phree Blonde
C. Strange Orange
D. Jong Bruin
E. Billtown Blonde
F. Extra Fancy Stout
G. Chubbel
H. Hopple
I. Aggro Wheat
J. Recluse Brown
K. Dark Deeds
L. Hopsphyxiation

A. Hop-Five IPA
B. Pils Noir
C. 6th Generation Stock Ale
D. Golden Lager
E. So Wheat
F. Shady Spot
G. Hopecellerator
H. Pumpkin Ale
I. Oktoberfest

Desnoes & Geddes:
A. Red Stripe
B. Red Stripe Light
C. Dragon Stout 

Round Guys:
A. Dogg Days Summer Ale
B. Bout Dam Time DIPA
C. Summer Saison
D. Kiss Off
E. Fear of a Brett Planet
F. Berliner

Neshimany Creek:
A. Tribute Tripel
B. County Line IPA
C. Trauger Pilsner
D. Highwater Hefe
E. Punkel Dunkel
F. Blitzkrieg Hops Double IPA
G. Mudbank Milk Stout
H. Leon Russian Imperial Stout
I. J.A.W.N.
J. Churchville Lager
K. Croydon Cream Ale
L. The Shape of Hops to Come

Hofbrau Muchen:
A. Hofbrau Maibock
B. Radler
C. Weisse
D. Dunkle
E. Original
F. Dunkleweisse

Pensacola Bay:
A. Sawgrass Wheat
B. Deluna Extra Pale Ale

Ellicott Mills:
A. Marzen
B. Dunkle
C. Big Red Bock
D. Irish Red ale
E. Weizenheimer
F. Jack Frost Bock
G. Boomerang
H. Alpenhof Pale Ale

Full Sail:
B. Amber
C. Session Lager
D. Session Black Lager
E. Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
F. Wreck the Halls
G. Bump in the Night

Hill Farmstead:
A. Double Citra
B. Everett
C. Abner
D. What Is Enlightenment?
E. Susan
F. Twilight of the Idols
G. Anna
H. Arthur
I. Birth of Tragedy
J. Dorothy

A. Pilsner
B. Light
C. Paterno 409 Lager

A. Mango Ginger Ale
B. Carknocker IPA

A. Threadless IPA
B. Golden Wings
C. Cut Throat Pale Ale
D. Wet Hot American Wheat
E. Fascist Pig
F. Hardcore Chimera

A. Buckeye Blonde
B. Steele Valley Stout
C. Cardinal Ale

Liquid Hero:
A. Irregardless IPA
B. Schweet Ale
C. Adam's Stout
D. American Hero
E. Extended Stay IPA
F. Shirtless Dictator
G. What the Floc

South County:
A. American Ale
B. Session ESB
C. Paleo IPA
D. Black Cowgirl
E. Day Rider IPA
F. Dark Thread Porter
G. Intervals: Citra
H. Cosmic Nod
I. Liminal Moment
J. Intervals: Simcoe
K. Virgil
L. Pullman Pilsner

Starr Hill:
A. Grateful Pale Ale
B. Double Platinum
C. Northern Lights IPA
D. The Love
E. Pils
F. Little Red RooStarr Coffee Cream Stout
F. Snow Blind Doppelbock
G. Dark Starr Stout
H. Starr Saison
I. Taste of Honey
J. Cryptical Imperial Sout
K. Soul Shine
L. Boxcar Pumpkin Porter
M. Sabbath
N. Reviver Red IPA
O. Whiter Shade of Pale Ale
P. The Hook
Q. Sublime
R. Last Leaf
S. Basketcase

The Traveler:
A. Time Traveler
B. Curious Traveler
C. Jack-O
D. Jolly Traveler Winter Shandy
E. Illusive Traveler Grapefruit Ale
F. Aloha Traveler Pineapple Shandy

Firestone Walker:
A. Nectar Ales Humboldt Brown
B. Double Jack
C. Union Jack IPA
D. Wookey Jack
E. Pale 31
F. Easy Jack
G. Sucaba
H. Velvet Merlin

A. Blacktop Blonde
B. Hefeweizen

A. Mystic Bridge IPA
B. Old Yankee Ale

Thomas Creek:
A. Class Five IPA
B. Deep Water Dopplebock Lager
C. Appalachian Amber Ale
D. River Falls Red Ale
E. Banana Split Chocolate Stout
F. Up the Creek Extreme IPA
G. Castaway Chocolate Orange IPA

A. Speciale
B. Regular Wit

A. Irish Red
B. Irish Stout

A. Happy Camper Amber Ale
B. Suns Out Guns Stout
C. Shark Wheat
D. Intergalactic IPA
E. Downtown Sugar Brown
F. Four-Ten Kolsch

Dark Horse:
A. Crooked Tree IPA
B. Double Crooked Tree IPA
C. Too Cream Stout
D. Scotty Karate
E. Plead the 5th Imperial Stout
F. Smells Like A Safety Meeting
G. Fore Smoked Stout
H. Scary Jesus Rockstar
A. Premium Verum
B. Oktoberfest
C. Dunkel
D. Winter
E. Radler Grapefruit
A. Walt Wit
B. Pennsylvania Pale Ale
C. Fleur de Lehigh
D. Newbold India Pale Ale

A. The Abyss (2007-2012, 2014)
B. Inversion IPA
C. Hop Henge Experimental IPA
D. Black Butte Porter
E. Red Chair NWPA
F. Hop in the Dark CDA
G. Twilight Summer Ale
H. Chainbreaker White IPA
I. Black Butte XXVI
J. Chasin' Freshies (Mosaic)
K. Fresh Squeezed IPA
L. Hop Trip
M. Obsidian Stout
N. River Ale
O. Mirror Pond PaleAle
P. Foray
Q. The Stoic
R. Cinder Cone Red Ale
S. Jubeale
T. Black Butte XXVII
U. Not the Stoic
V. Pinedrops IPA
W. Hop Slice
X. Sagefight Imperial IPA
Y. Jubel (2015)

A. Simcoe Session IPA
B. Imperial Pumpkin
C. Red Circle Ale
D. Imperial Pumpkin Ball Barrel Aged
E. Chocolate Peanut Butter Lager w/ Caramel

The Brewery at Hershey:
A. Weize Guy Hefeweizen
B. Flash Gourd'n
C. Dracarys
D. Pond Jumper ASB
E. Mean Cup O'Stout
F. Dublin Down Irish Ale
G. Hip Hops Hooray IPA
H. Naughty & Spiced Holiday Ale
I. Sap Sucker Maple Porter
J. The DeCider: Peanut Butter Caramel Apple Cider
K. Hippie Ki-Yay Northeast IPA
L. Wit Walker
M. The DeCider: Huzzah Honeycrisp
N. The DeCider: Article of ImPEARment

A. Unfiltered Wheat
B. Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale
C. Pop-Up Session IPA
D. Grainstorm Black Rye IPA
E. Rye-on-Rye
F. Stingo
G. Reboot White IPA
H. Bourbon Barrel Quad
I. Long Strange Tripel
J. The Sixth Glass
K. Spring Belle
L. Imperial Stout (2015)
M. The Calling
N. Dark Truth Stout
O. Tropical Pale Ale
P. Heavy Lifting IPA
Q. Funky Pumpkin
R. Ginger Lemon Radler

The Brewer's Art:
A. Resurrection
B. Ozzy
C. Birdhouse Ale

Blue Lobster:
A. Stockholm Syndrome
B. Life of Sundays
C. Little Lobster on the Prairie (w/ Prairie Artisan)
D. Gold Claw Pale Ale

Diamond Knot:
A. Industrial IPA
B. India Pale Ale

John Smith's:
A. Original Bitter
B. Extra Smooth

A. Session Pils
B. Session Saison
C. Left of the Dial IPA
D. Hootenanny Berliner Weisse
E. Infinite Jest

Crooked Stave:
A. Blackberry Petite Sour
B. St. Bretta (Summer)

Jolly Pumpkin:
A. Noel de Calabaza
B. Maracaibo Especial
C. Fuego del Otono
D. Weizen Bam

Full Tilt:
A. Camden Cream
B. Baltimore Pale Ale
C. Berger Cookie Chocolate Stout
D. Bay IPA
E. Fleet Street Raspberry Wheat

Blue Mountain:
A. Kolsch 151
B. Dark Hollow
C. Local Species

A. Lobster Lovers Ale
B. Dragon Lady
C. Hell of High
D. Crazy Brewski

Lost Abbey:
A. Serpent's Stout
B. Gift of the Magi
C. Judgement Day
D. Saint's Devotion
E. Box Set: Track #8 Number of the Beast

DC Brau:
A. The Public
B. The Citizen
C. Stone of Arbroath
D. Cimmerian Schwarbier

A. Scottish Ale
B. Hala Kahaki
C. All Aboard! Anniversary Stout
D. Patrick's Poison
E. Hop-Lace White IPA
F. Rudolph's Red

Shawnee Craft:
A. Dopplebock

Fat Head's:
A. Head Hunter IPA
B. Hop Juju
C. Ooompa Loompa Chocolate Cream Stout
D. Bone Head Imperial Red Ale
E. Sunshine Daydream Session IPA
F. Bumbleberry Honey Blueberry Ale
Tall Tales:
A. Some Beach Summer Ale
B. Red Headed Step Child
C. Evil Apple

A Light
B. Flight of the Falcon
C. Saison Vautour Farmhouse Ale
D. Route 202 Pale Ale
E. Brandywine Wit
F. Clair de Lune
G. Dark Tide Molasses Porter
H. 'Tis the Saison
I. Funky Melody
J.Farmhands Multi-Grain Saison
K. Bier de Garde
L. Return of the Falcon
M. Seasons Change Session IPA
N. The Gryphon
O. Ebenezer
P. Baracus

A. Flagraiser IPA
B. Snow Angel Imperial IPA
C. SeasonAle Creep
D. Luma Luma
E. Happy Sol
F. Saturday Morning
Free Will:
A. Citra Pale Ale
B. Destiny's Wit
C. Techno IPA
D. Kriek Lambic
E. Danae Ale
F. Community Kolsch
G. Two Brothers White IPA
H. Coffee Oatmeal Brown
I. Chasing the Dragon
J. Hop Geek
K. Napoleon Reserve 2014
L. Black Friday
M. Key Lime Lambic
N. Blood & Guts
O. Safeword (collab with Full Pint)
P. The Kragle
Q. Whit
R. Snow Day
S. Peach Lambic
T. Sara's Sweet Heat
U. Black Friday (Barrel Aged)
V. Experimental Dipa
W. Bonesaw Barleywine
X. Barbera Grape Lambic
Y. Pomegranate Sour
Z. Olly
A1. Lord Business
B1. DC Cranberry Farmhouse
C1. Sidro Invecciato
D1. Cloudy With a Chance of Charcuterie

A. .38 Praline
B. Chocolate Moose
C. Blood Orange IPA
D. Venerable Parrot
E. 1938 Special
F. Polly's Pale Ale
G. Oakbrook IPA

Saucony Creek:
A. Captain Pumpkin's Maple Mistress
B. Chocolate Cherry Schnickelfritz Stout
C. Hop Suplex Ale
D. Stone Fly IPA
E. xReserve Peach & Ginger Saison
F. xReserve Lord of Misrule

Elk Creek:
A. Copper Ale
B. Brookie Brown Ale

Two Brothers Brewing Co.:
A. Cane and Ebel (Red Rye Ale)
B. Domaine Dupage
C. Hop Centric
Evil Twin:
A. Ryan & the Beaster Bunny
B. Imperial Biscotti Break Natale Please With a Cherry on Top
C. Falco
D. Imperial Biscotti Break
E. Sour Bikini (collab w/ Intangible Ales)
F. Imperial Simcoe Slacker
G. Molotov Lite
H. Soft DK
I. Lil' B
J. Even More Jesus
K. I Love You With My Stout
L. Wet Dream

Golden Avalanche:
A. Hop Hat IPA
B. Blonde Lager
C. Sunbonnet Citra
D. Donner Weiss Bier

Snitz Creek:
A. Opening Day IPA
B. Apple-Weisse Wheat
C. Woolly Bugger Black IPA
D. Midge Series: Wet Hop
E. Exaggerator
F. Mullen's Irish Red
G. Cerveza de Mole
H. Line Breaker

Red Brick:
A. Laughing Skull 
B. Dog Days Ale

A. Independence Pale Ale
B. El Jeffe Weizen
C. Red Rooster Ale
D. Indiana Pale Ale
E. Not Tonight Honey Porter
F. Full Moon Barley Wine
G.Empire Premium Beer
H. Indiana River Light Ale
I. Kelly's Irish Red Ale
J. Hoppelbock
K. Harvest Wheat Beer
L. Cornhusker Lager
M. Farmer Jon's Oatmeal Stout

A. Monkey Chased the Weasel
B. 077XX

A. Hog Wild IPA
B. Devil's Trampling Ground Tripel

Big Boss:
A. Bad Penny Brown Ale
B. Hell's Belle

French Broad:
A. 13 Rebels ESB
B. Wee-Heavy-Er

A. Shark Attack Double Red Ale
B. Mongo Double IPA
C. Anniversary Ale

A. Fort Point Pale Ale
B. Sprang
C. Lineage Rye
D. Sleeper Street
E. Congresss Street IPA
F. Cuvee De Tetreault
G. Pier
H. Mettle
I. Wakerobin
J. Pot & Kettle
K. Trillium Farmhouse Ale
L. Double Dry Hopped Congress Street IPA
M. Double Dry Hopped Melcher Street IPA
N. Vicinity Double IPA
O. Double Dry Hopped Sleeper Street IPA
P. Headroom
Q. Artaic
R. Upper Case
S. Citra Dry Hopped Sunshower
T. Pot & Kettle with Cold Brewed Coffee
U. Double Dry Hopped Scaled
V. Free Rise (Dry Hopped w/ Mosaic)
W. Raspberry Soak
X. Trillikini
Y. Dialed In
Z. Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point
A1. Scale
B1. Double Dry Hopped A Street
C1. Dialed In w/ Chardonnay and Gewurztraminer Juice
D1. Motueka Dry Hopped Fort Point Ale
E1. Double Dry Hopped Stillings Street

A. The Great Pumpkin Ale
B. Triple Threat
C. Benevolence
D. As You Wish
E. Hefeweizen
F. The Cure (2014)
G. Olmstead's Folly
H. Regatta Golden
I. Charles River Porter
J. Amber
K. The Audacity of Hops
L. Heather Ale
M. Flower Child IPA
N. Working Class Hero
O. Pearls of Wisdom
P. Morning Dew

Night Shift:
A. Stop, Collaborate & Glisten
B. Ever Weisse
C. Whirlpool
D. The 87
E. Furth
F. Simple Sour
G. Plume
H. Trifecta
I. Hermit
J. Morph 6/17/16
K. Santilli
L. One Hop This Time: Citra
M. Bennington
N. Morph #50

A. Apple Brandy Tripel
B. Beer Table Table Beer

A. Orange Drank
B. Cedar Park Pale Ale
C. Reach Around IPA
D. Holy Crap!

Ocean City:
A. Route 50
B. OC Light
C. OC Lager
D. Dragon's Moon
E. Gold Digger
F. Alrighty Then!
G. Lost Souls
H. Kracken
I. Social X-periment
J. Stare Back
K. Nuckin' Futs
L. Ogre
M. Orange Crush Ale

A. Chinooker'd IPA
B. Fayston Maple Imperial Stout (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
C. Permagrin Rye Pale Ale
D. Sip of Sunshine
E. Double Sunshine
F. Super Session #2

A. EOS Hefeweizen
B. India Pale Ale
C. Brunette Nute Brown Ale

The Alchemists:
A. Heady-Topper
B. Beezlebub
C. Focal Banger
D. The Crusher
E. Broken Spoke
A. Larry Imperial IPA (Publick House Series)
B. Green Monsta IPA
C. Revered Red

A. Special A IPA
B. Helles Style Summer Lager
C. Bourbon-Barrel Age Imperial Stout

Stillwater Artisanal:
A. As Follows
B. Stateside Saison
C. Superhop IPA
D. Stillwater is Nothing Big Bunny is Everything
E. On Fleek
A. Coconut Porter
B. Big Swell IPA
C. Hop Kine
A. Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A.
B. Hop Manna IPA

Black Diamond:
A. Fracas Imperial Hoppy Red Ale
B. Grand Cru Brandy Barrel Aged
C. Peak XV Imperial Porter

Brewer's Alley:
A. Kolsch
B. Oatmeal Stout
C. India Pale Ale
D. 1634 Ale
E. Nut Brown Ale
F. Bad Old Man Ransom Ale
G. Oatmeal Stout (Barrel Aged)
H. New Moon Ale (and on cask)
I. Hefeweizen

A. Brewtus
B. H.L. Rex

Perennial Artisan Ales:
A. Barry Rye
B. Aria
C. Hopfentea

Fin City:
A. White Marlin Pale Ale
B. Sneaky Wheat

A. Porter
B. Rye Summer Ale
C. Autumn Wheat
D. Evolupulin

A. General's Golden Ale
B. Kelley's Red River IRA
C. Lil'bens Milk Stout
D. Otto's Orchard Raspberry
E. Reluctance Double IPA
F. 1605 Red

New England:
A. Gandhi-Bot
B. Sea Hag
C. Schnitzengiggles
D. Friar's Quad

Two Roads:
A. Road 2 Ruin
B. Lil Heaven Session IPA
C. Honeyspot Road White IPA
D. Bergamonster

A. Traditional Pale Ale
B. Lost Sailor IPA
C. Dean's Beans Coffeehouse Porter
D. Shabadoo Black and Tan Ale

Sea Dog:
A. Apricot Wheat Beer
B. Raspberry Wheat Beer
C. Sunfish
D. Blue Paw Wild Blueberry

A. Illumination Farmhouse IPA
B. Day Trip
C. Verdance
D. Things Are Beautiful

A. Red Ale
B. Milk Stout
C. Rebel Rye

A. American Pale Ale
B. Blueberry Wheat
C. Nut Brown Ale
D. Pantius Droppus

A. Blood Orange Hefeweizen
B. Oatmeal Stout
C. Juniper Pale Ale
D. Irish Coffee Stout
E. Elderflower Abbey

A. Kolsch
B. Little Dutch

Le Brewery:
A. Conquerant
B. Mysterieuse Lady
C. Harold's Revenge
D. Norman Gold
E. Odo

Red Castle:
A. Pumpkin Ale
B. Knights Of Mayhem

Three Heads:
A. Too Kind
B. Amalgamation Brown Ale
C. Moho Smoked Porter
D. Tre Kind Triple IPA
E. Tropical Kind

Saint Somewhere:
A. Prairie
B. Soleil Reverie
C. Lectio Divina
D. Serge
E. Saison Athene
A. Arctic Saison
B. Convivial Suarez

A. Riverwalk IPA
B. Unveiled
C. Screen Door
D. High Waters #4

St. Bernardus:
A. Christmas Ale
B. Abt 12

Spring Gate:
A. Cascade Dry Hopped Cider
B. Hop Fury
C. Sweet Sensation
D. Citra Hopped Hard Cider

Wyndridge Farm:
A. Crafty Cider
B. Crafty Cranberry
C. Laughing Crow IPA
D. Chocolate Vanilla Imperial Porter
E. New England Cider
F. Imperial Cherry Berlinerweisse
G. 10 Point Ale
H. Snow Owl

Crystal Ball:
A. Coconut Porter
B. Forewarned Belgian Tripel
C. Black Magic
D. Seance Session IPA

Brewmaster Jack:
A. Hop Essence Series: Mosaic
B. Ambrewsia Imperial IPA
C. The Littler Brother

Rubber Soul:
A. Honey IPA
C. Porter
D. Dropout Double IPA
E. Eldo Amber Ale
F. Paceline Session IPA
Fish Tale:
A. The Hobbit- Gollum Precious Pils
B. The Hobbit- Bolg
C. The Hobbit- Smaug Stout
D. Leavenworth Boulder Bend Dunkelweizen

A. Banana Bread
B. Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale
C. Charlie Wells Dry Hopped Lager

A. Brown Ale
B. Rye 51 IPA

A. Punk IPA
B. Hardcore IPA
C. Libertine Black Ale
D. Rip Tide
E. Tokyo (18.2%)

Wagner Valley:
B. Oatmeal Stout
C. Reserve Trippelbock

A. Welcome to Scoville
B. Big Punisher
C. The Infinite

Brouwerij Van Steenberge:
A. Piraat Triple Hop
B. Gulden Draak Ale
C. Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple
D. Piraat 10.5%
E. Bornem Dubbel
F. Bornem Tripel

A. Zombie Killer
B. Evil Genius
C. Dwarf Invasion
D. The Zombies Take Manhattan
E. Necromangocon
F. Apple Pi
G. Cherry Chipotle
Thomas Hooker:
A. Hop Meadow IPA
B. Nor'easter
C. Blonde Ale
D. Tenacious
Rising Tide:
A. Polaris
B. Ursa Minor
C. Zephyr

Mountain State:
A. Miner's Daughter Oatmeal Stout
B. Seneca IPA
C. Cold Trail Ale

Laughing Dog:
A. Hop Dog Harvest Pale Ale
B. Sneaky Pete Imperial IPA
C. The Dogfather Imperial Stout

A. Hoppy Toad
B. Honey! Basil Blonde
C. She'll Never Let Us Call It That

Newport Storm:
A. Cyclone Series Tim
B. Newport Storm '13

Columbia Kettle Works:
A. Belgian Blond
B. Amber IPA
C. Kettle Devil
D. English Bulldog
E. Venerable Burton
F. Stonehaven
Pub Dog:
A. Scratch 'N Sniff
B. White Dog
C. Imperial Dog

Public Ale Works:
A. Meal Ticket
B. Red Cent Amber

A. Wits End
B. ZeroDay IPA (Ep. 1)
C. Dolce Vita
D. Firstborn
E. Cheap Date
F. Ryely St. Saison (Midtown Funk Series)
G. Mango Hab
H. Grievance (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
I. Firehouse IPA
J. Critical Condition
K. Marketing Gimmick
L. Mango Hab Royale
M. Milksteak IPA

Barley & Hops:
A. Black Amber
B. Lunch Break Brown
C. Snallygaster
D. Tuscarora Red
E. Shifferstadt
F. Francis Scott Key IPA
G. Catoctin Clear
H. Annapolis Rocks Pale Ale

Union Craft:
A. Duckpin Pale Ale
B. Anthem
C. Double Duckpin

Devil's Backbone:
A. Stripped Bass Pale Ale
B. Vienna Lager
C. Schwartz Bier
D. Wood Aged Kilt Flasher
E. Cran Gose

Molly Pitcher:
A. Golden Eagle Ale
B. Red Rye'der IPA
C. Black Powder Stout
D. Independence IPA
E. Patriot Pale Ale
F. Redcoat ESB
G. War Ball Wit
H. Cannonball Kolsch
I. Common Sense Double Citra IPA
J. Peanut Butter Porter
K. Billy Haze
L. Big Whig Barleywine: Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged
M. Big Whig
N. Red Rye'der IPA

A. Idle Hands
B. Purgatory #3
C. Barley Wine Ale (2013)

A. Industrial IPA
B. Fire House Pale Ale
C. Sunrise Coffee Stout
D. Red Dragon Ale
E. Black Widow Stout

A. Oatmeal Stout
B. Pale Ale

Gift Horse:
A. Citra Wheat
B. Roasted Irish Ale

RJ Rockers:
A. Black Perle
B. Son of a Peach
C. Hop Quake

A. Duet
B. Hoppy Birthday

Bad Martha:
A. Island IPA
B. Martha's Vineyard Ale

Tired Hands:
A. Mother Animal
B. Rutilant
C. Shambolic
D. Pineal
E. Ancestral
F. Weedeater
G. Aloysius
H. Hophands
I. Eye Closed & Open
J. Alien Church
K. Grassman
L. Ourison
M. Helles Other People
N. Crystal Lyght
O. Severed Goddess Hand
P. Group Internet Therapy

A. Lemon Thyme Saison
B. Dub's IPA
C. Optical Illusion
D. Choconut Brown Porter
E. Tropical Passion IPA
F. Yuzu Milkshake Session IPA (collab)
G. The Haka
H. German Chocolate Cake Stout

Bissel Brothers:
A. The Substance
B. Baby Genius
C. Diavoletto
D. Swish

A. Commodore Decatur Black IPA
B. Red Head Rye Ale
C. Pony Swim IPA
D. Weizen Shine

Block House:
A. Pumpkin Ale
B. Double Chocolate Bock
C. Summer Break

Jackie O's:
A. Mystic Mama IPA
B. Hop Ryot
C. Paw Paw Wheat
D. Dark Apparition
E. Wood Ya Honey Bourbon Barrel Aged
F. Brick Kiln Bourbon Barrel Aged
G. Dark Apparition Bourbon Barrel Aged

A. Citrus IPA
B. Double Citry IPA
C. Efflorescence

Lord Hobo:
A. Steal This Can!
B. Boom Sauce
C. Ball & Biscuit
D. Hobo Life

Prairie Artisan Ales:
A. Bomb!
B. Brett C
C. 3rd Anniversary Ale
D. Funky Gold Mosaic

A. Belgian Wit with Bukhara Plums
B. Kuka - Ginger Mango IPA

Funky Buddha:
A. Hop Gun IPA
B. Floridian
C. Morning Wood

Due South:
A. Category 3 IPA
B. Category 5 IPA
C. Midnight Marauder Black IPA
D. Caramel Cream Ale
E. Isle of MaGourdo

New Glarus:
A. Spotted Cow
B. Wisconsin Belgian Red
C. Serendipity

Happy Valley:
A. Nimwit
B. Oasis
C. Barnstormer
D. Craftsman Brown Ale
E. Phyrst Phamily Stout
F. Zzerbert

Toppling Goliath:
A. Pseudo Sue
B. Golden Nugget IPA

Chatty Monks:
A. Shining Bright
B. Crash Test #225 IPA
C. Crash Test Pumpkin
D. Squash My Thirst
E. Northern Brown Ale
F. Revelation Porter
G. Endoplasmic Reticulum
H. Chocolate Maids-a-Milkin' Stout

Prison City:
A. Puff Puff Shiv
B. Cherry Poppins

A. Chocolate Giddyup
B. Old Reliable
C. Pandemonium Pale Ale
D. Celestial Critter

A. Frankenbru
B. Old Factory Amber IPA
C. American Blonde Ale
D. Wee Dame

Tree House:
A. Julius
B. Haze
C. Green
D. Double Shot (4th Anniversary w/ Double Coffee)

A. Truth
B. Fiction
C. Mushhushshu

Mad Tree:
A. PschHOPathy
B. Shade

A. Afterglow
B. Epiphany

Big Oyster:
A. Solar Power
B. Hammerhead IPA

Grimm Artisanal:
A. Super Going
B. Double Negative (Barrel Aged)
C. Rainbow Dome

The Millworks:
A. Farmhouse IPA
B. Oatmeal Stout
C. Double IPA

A. Green Machine
B. Tried & True
C. Long Tongue Liar
D. LazaRIS
E. LazaRIS (Bourbon Barrel Aged)
F. Fruitlicious
G. Dark of the Forest
H. Grace
I. True Blue
J. IPA Hop Test No. 1
K. IPA Hop Test No. 2
L. Nightmare Dressed Like A Daydream
M. Devil's Burden
N. LazaRIS Unrobed
O. Que Sera
P. English Curse
Q. IPA Test Batch #1
R. LazaRIS Coconut
S. LazaRIS Hazelnut
T. LazaRIS Peanut Butter
U. LazaRIS Pumpkin Spice
V. LazaRIS Tiramisu
W. LazaRIS (Bourbon Barrel with Cinnamon)
X. LazaRIS (Bourbon Barrel with Brett)
Y. Devil's Burden (Double Dry Hopped- Citra & Mosaic)
Z. Strawberry Tried and True
A1. Tried and True Lychee
B1. Tried and True Blood Orange
C1. Tried and True Pineapple
D1. Iscariot
E1. Piglet Series: Satan's Vacation
F1. Devil's Burden (Mosaic Keg Hopped)
G1. Piglet Series: Galaxy Mo-Zacca
H1. Devil's Burden (Ekuanot Keg Hopped)
I1. Piglet Series: Throwin' Shade
J1. Testify
K1. Piglet Series: Grand Old Man
L1. Chocolate Cherry LazaRIS
M1. LazaRIS with Irish Coffee
N1. Collab (12 Way PA Collab)
O1. Fresh Out the Kitchen
P1. IPA Test Batch #2
Q1. Piglet Series: Agent 07270
R1. Derry St. Wheat (Lime)
S1. Derry St. Wheat (Mango)
T1. Derry St. Wheat (Grapefruit)
U1. Piglet: SB-12
V1. Piglet: SB-13

Wicked Weed:
A. Freak of Nature
B. Pernicious IPA
C. Amorous
D. Tyrant Double Red
E. The Parking Lot Grisette
F. Tropicmost Passionfruit Gose
G. Brettaberry (Terra Locale Series)
H. Serenity
I. Garcon de Ferme
J. Black Angel Cherry Sour

Twisted Pine:
A. Cream Style Stout
B. Ghost Face Killah

Marshall Wharf:
A. Bitter Truth ESB
B. Ace Hole

Great South Bay:
A. Devil's Deed
B. Massive IPA
C. Blood Orange Pale Ale

Ever Grain:
A. Joose Juicy
B. Autum Bell
C. The Udder One
D. Dark Necessity
E. Surf Breaker IPA
F. Kaboo
G. Fluffhead
H. Camp Pils
I. Hellyes
J. Space Face
K. Threesome
L. Joose Juicy w/ Simcoe (Firkin)

Gibb's Hundred:
A. Double-Dyed Deceiver
B. The Crucible
C. The Guilty Party
D. Whirligig Imperial Berliner Weisse
E. Blind Man's Holiday GPA
F. Monkeysphere
G. Bear Goggles
H. Cherchez La Femme

A. Gwar Blood
B. Must Be Nice: White Wine Sour
C. The Hinterland
D. Beyond the Ouija: Oak Tripel w/ Brett
E. Tirami'zu Brew: Rum Barrel Aged Porter
F. How Soon is Now?
G. Martian Spring Biere De Mars
H. Wake Me Up Before You Gose

The Answer:
A. Grand Larceny (Triple Dry Hopped)
B. Extra Credit (Triple Dry Hopped)
C. King Kahuna w/ Ancho
D. Kromer Juice w/ Pink Guava
E. Hard in the Paint
F. Mouth Hug (Double Dry Hopped)
G. Sorbetto Di Allota Fagina
H. Breece Pancake

The Veil:
A. Lol Tho
B. Eternal Lord Shredder
C. Crucial Taunt
D. Casual Drinks
E. Child Support (Galaxy)
F. IdontwanttoBU

Sean Hoffman:
A. Holiday Spice Ale
B. Milk Stout
D. Amber Ale w/ Belgian Yeast

Mr. Steve's:
A. German Ale
B. Dunkel Wheat
C. Smoked Amber
D. Steam
E. Rye
F. Russian Imperial Stout

What Would Johnny Brew:
A. Sour Stout
B. Old Bruin

*Falkensteiner- UR-Weisse
*Das Schwarze
*Dog Tag- IPA
*Augustinebrau Munchen- Lagerbier Hell
*Rusty Rail- Wolf King Warrior Imperial Stout
*Gilde Pilsener
*Stiegl- Radler Grapefruit Naturtrub
*Rolling Rock
*Xbeeriment- Black Force One
*Stella Artois
*Newburyport- Green Head IPA
*Dinkel Acker- CD-Pils
*Bass Pale Ale
*Labatt's Blue
*Peroni Nastro Azzurro
*Cottonwood- Low Country Pale Ale
*Lowenbrau- Original
*Palm (Belgian)
*Brouwerij Verhaeghe- Duchesse de Bourgogne
*Ska Brewing Co.- True Blonde Ale
*Bavaria (from Holland)
*Negra Modelo (from Mexico)
*Modelo Especial- Chelada
*Dos Equis XX- Amber (from Mexico)
*Keegan Ales- Morther's Milk
*Carolina Brewing Co.- India Pale Ale
*Tucher- Kristall Weizen (Germany)
*Race Street- Saison Farmhouse Ale
*Weihenstephaner- Dunkles Starkbier (Dopplebock from Germany)
*Tripel Karmeliet
*Birra Moretti (Italy)
*Kronenbourg- 1664 (France)
*Palma Louca (Brazil)
*Pacifico Clara (Mexico)
*Asahi- Super Dry (Japan)
*Alhambra- Especial Premium Lager (Spain)
*Tsingtao (China)
*Orkney- Skullsplitter (Scotland)
*Knee Deep- Hoparillo
*Knee Deep- Simtra
*Knee Deep- Big Sipper
*Youngs- Double Chocolate Stout
*Almanac- Mandarina
*Almanac- Golden Gate Gose
*Almanac- Tropical Platypus
*Almanac- Farmer's Reserve Pluot
*Almanac- Farmer's Reserve Citrus
*Raging Rhino Ale (Boston Brewing)
*Boddingtons Pub Ale
*Red Oak- Amber Lager
*Brick House- Pumpkin Spice
*Victory/Dogfish Head/Stone- Saison du Buff
*Klassiek- Lager (Holland)
*Lion- Stout (Sri Lanka)
*De Struise Brouwers- Black Albert
*De Struise Brouwers- Black Damnation 1 - Black Berry Albert
*Dick's- Belgian Tripel
*Brasserie Trois Dames- L'Amoureuse
*Brasserie Trois Dames- Cerveza Sin Frontera
*Moosehead- Light Lime
*Moosehead- Radler
*Nimble Hill- Midnight Flinke
*Brasserie Cantilon- Classic Gueuze
*Darwin- Original Flag Porter (England)
*Land Shark- Lager
*Old Milwaukee
*Milwaukee's Best Light
*Intangible Ales- Future Primitive
*Intangible Ales- Acidulated Hive
*Intangible Ales- Chillaxis of Evil
*Intangible Ales- Au Ra
*Intangible Ales- Planet of Dreamers
*Xingu- Black Beer
*Fuller's- ESB
*Franziskaner- Hefe-Weisse Hell
*Brouwerij Van Honsebrouck - Bacchus
*De Musketiers- Troubadour Magma
*BJ's Steak House Ale (Cream Ale/Lion's)
*Sprecher- Black Bavarian
*Sprecher- Citra Bomb
*Sprecher- Grapefruit Radler
*Milwaukee's Best Light
*Anheuser Busch- Natural Ice
*Meister Brau
*Red Dog
*Pabst Blue Ribbon
*Saugatuck- Bonfire Brown
*Saugatuck- Neopolitan Milk Stout
*Paulaner- Hefe Weizen (Germany)
*Smithwick's- Irish Ale
*The Wild- Evolver IPA
*Delirium- Tremens
*Delirium- Red
*Delirium- Argentum
*Crabbies- Spice Orange Ginger Beer
*Crabbies- Original Ginger beer
*Trappistes Rochefort
*St. Pauli Girl- Special Dark
*Tributary- Mott the Lesser
*Tributary- Pale Ale
*Cave Creek- Chili Beer
*Pilsner Urquell
*Harp Lager
*New Castle- Brown Ale
*New Castle- Bombshell
*New Castle- Werewolf
*Carlsberg (Denmark)
*Orval- Trappist Ale
*Leffe- Blonde
*Kerstmis- Noel Christmas Weihnacht
*McChouffe- Biere Brune D'Ardenne
*'T Gavenhopke - Den Twaalf
*Le Pave de L'ours
*Het Anker- Lucifer
*Trappist Achel- Bruin Bier
*La Divine
*Ginder Ale
*Scotch Silly
*Foolproof- King of the Yahd
*Genesee- Cream Ale
*Genesee- Pilot Batch Series North German-style Pilsner
*Grisette- Blonde
*Pater Lieven- Tripel
*Corne- La Triple 10
*Saison Dupont
*Corsedonk Angus- Tripel
*Val-Dieu- Brune
*Wynchwood- Hobgoblin
*Backlash- Declaration
*Corcoran- Jeb Stuart
*Cold Spring- Pale Ale
*Yards/Victory/Nodding Head/Troegs/Stoudts- Brotherly Suds
*Rush River- The Unforgiven
*Williamsburg AleWerks- Redmarker Ale
*Garrison City- Ellipse
*Garrison City- Edison
*Noir- De Dottignies
*Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada- Life & Limb
*Dogfish Head/Sierra Nevada- Life & Limb Rhizing Bines
*Silly- Double Enghien Blonde
*Stevens Point- 2012 Black Ale
*Kennebec River- Summer Ale
*Fox & Hound- Amber Ale
*Augustijn- Grand Cru
*Orlando - I-4 IPA
*Orlando - Uncle Matt's Grapefruit Pale Ale
*Bush de Noel- Speciale Noel
*Abbaye de Forest- Blonde
*Bateman's- Combined Harvest
*Cuvee- Coney Bruin
*Gueuze Girardin 1882
*Troegs/Stone- Chocolate Cherry Stout
*Lionshead- Pilsner
*Blanche de Namur
*Buffalo- Belgian Stout
*Malheur- 12
*Bandwagon- Six Mile Saison
*Big Hill Ciderworks- Barrel Aged Reserve
*Big Hill- Standard
*Big Hill- Little Round Hop
*Big Hill- Farmhouse Cider
*Big Hill- Michaux Mule
*Titje- Wit Bier
*Campbell's- Scotch Ale
*Grey Sail- Captain's Daughter
*4 Hands- Preserved Lemon Gose
*Lindemans- Framboise
*Lindemans- Gueze Cuvee Rene
*Lindemans- Peche
*Urthel Samaranth- Quadrium Ale
*Urthel- Hop It
*Westvleteren Trappist 12
*Browar Witnica- Black Boss Porter
*BrewFist- Spaghetti Western
*BrewFist- Spaceman
*Orpheus- Atalanta
*Marble- IPA
*Milwaukee's Best Premium
*Bar Harbor- Cadillac Mountain Stout
*Bard's- Gold (Sorgham beer)
*Wild Onion- Jack Stout
*Saltwater - Screamin' Reels IPA
*Dixie- Blackened Voodoo Lager
*Acme- California IPA
*Affligem- Blond
*Coppertail- Night Swim
*Epic- Brainless on Peaches
*Epic- Big Bad Baptist
*Epic- Tart 'n Juicy Sour IPA
*Against the Grain- 35K
*Against the Grain- Kamen Knuddeln
*Pinkus- Munster Alt
*Morland- Tanner Jack
*Lao- Beerlao Dark Lager
*King- Lager
*Beck's- Sapphire
*Lake Placid- Ubo Ale
*Highway Manor- Funky Prowler
*Touchstone- Perfect Day
*Molson Ice
*Molson Canadian
*Oland- Alexander Keith's India Pale Ale
*Rickard's White Ale
*Rickard's Red Ale
*Half Acre- Daisy Cutter
*Half Acre- Gone Away
*Frey's- Gung-Ho Joe
*Stoner Homebrewer- Sassafras Red Ale
*Eskes Taos- Green Chile Beer
*Silverton- Ice Pick Ale
*Ayinger- Celebrator
*National Bohemian
*Geary's- Hampshire Special Ale
*Nogne- O Saison
*Atlantic- Coal Porter
*Dieu du Ciel- Route des Epices
*Dieu du Ciel- Aphrodite
*Dieu du Ciel- Rigor Mortis ABT
*Dieu du Ciel- Peche Mortel
*Zlaty Bazant- Golden Pheasant
*Buffalo Bill's- America's Original Pumpkin Ale
*Gaffel- Kolsch
*Erdinger- Hefe-Weizen
*Miami- Vice IPA
*Brasserie d'Achouffe- Houblon Chouffe Dobbbelen IPA Tripel
*Brasserie d'Achouffe - McChouffe
*Almaza- Pilsener
*Kelso - Edible Ale Grape Lambic
*Sabeco- Saigon Export
*Monk's Cafe- Flemish Sour Red Ale
*Lhasa- Lhasa Beer (Export)
*Hop City- Barking Squirrel Lager
*Corsendonk- Christmas Ale
*Theakston- XB
*Broken Bow- Broken In- Russian Imperial Stout
*Olde Burnside- Ten Penny Ale
*Overshores- Belgique Du Noire
*Big Sky- Moose Drool Brown Ale
*Spencer- Trappist Ale
*CB Craft- Brewers Whim Dark Wit
*Barrel of Monks- 3 Fates
*Selkirk Abbey- Infidel
*Big Muddy- Vanilla Stout
*Speakeasy- Bid Daddy IPA
*Founding Father- Light
*Shorts- Honey Badger
*Surly- Abrasive Ale
*Pelican- India Pelican Ale
*Black Raven- Feral Saison
*Aeronaut- Hop, Hop and Away
*JW Lees- Harvest Ale 2009
*McAuslan- St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout
*Boaks- Double BW
*Kulmbacher- Eisbock
*Scotzin Homebrew- Brett Brux Farmhouse Ale
*JDub's- Up Top! IPA
*Lincoln Abbey- Fallgasm Amber Ale
*Adirondack - Belgian Rye Pale Ale Pinot Noir aged
*Black Sheep- Monty Python's Holy Grail Ale
*Boone- Blowing Rock IPA
*Kind- Belgian Style Red Ale
*Tuppers- Hop Pocket Ale
*Woodstock Inn- Autumn Ale Brew
*BridgePort- Hop Czar
*Palo Alto- Barley Legal Coconut Porter
*To Ol- Snowball Saison
*Devil's Canyon- Full Boar Scotch Ale
*White Birch- Apprentice Series: Camp Travis Barleywine
*White Birch- Double IPA
*White Birch- Raspberry Berliner Weisse
*White Birch- Blueberry Berliner Weisse
*San Miguel- Red Horse Beer
*Indigo Imp- Spring Belgian Style Saison
*Budweiser- Black Crown
*Binding Brauerei- Henninger Premium Lager
*Destihl- Wild Sour Series: Flanders Red
*Destihl- Wild Sour Series: Here Gose Nothin'
*Listermann- Nut Case Peanut Butter Porter
*Great London- Safe Harbor American Blonde Ale
*Great London- American IPA
*Collusion- Homunculus
*Upright-  Four Play
*Grandview- Kiwi Lambic
*Staropramen- Premium Lager
*Kane- Head High
*Kane- Sunday Brunch
*Mason's- Roggen Bier
*The Portsmouth- Le Chat Noir Stout
*Konig Ludwig- Weissbier
*Roundabout- Pacific Ring IPA
*Just Beer- IPA
*Lonerider- Shotgun Betty
*Captain Lawrence - Barrel Select Golden Sour
*Rhinelander- Imperial Jack
*Steenbrugge- Tripel
*Deciduous- Dormancy Fig/Maple
*Bent Hill- Mapel Red Ale
*Brouwerig Strubbe- Ichtegem's Grand Cru
*Brasserie Lefebvre- Blanche de Bruxelles
*Brouwerij Van Honsebourk- Gueze Fond Tradition Lambic
*Brouwerig Boon- Geuze Mariage Parfait
*Brouwerij Slaapmutske- Slaapmutske FLOSS
*Snow Hill- Ropewalk Shandy
*Snow Hill- Ropewalk Pale Ale
*Cascade- Sang Noir
*Wiseacre- Adjective Animal
*Duvel- Single
*Duvel- Triple Hop
*Rare Form- Karass
*Wormtown- Be Hoppy
*Omnipollo- Bianca Mango Lassi Gose
*Element- Citronium
*Fermented Artistry- Tag It and Bag It
*Shadowlands- Angry Mark's Christmas Ale
*Rodenbach- Rodenbach
*Rodenbach- Grand Cru
*Meteor- Export Lager
*Lost Nation- Gose
*Lost Nation- Mosaic IPA
*Brasserie Des Geants- Noel Des Geants
*Thunderhead- Cropduster Mid-American IPA
*Vanderghinste- Oud Bruin
*Brasserie Lefebvre- Barbar Bok
*Ale Asylum- Bedlam
*Roaring Brook- Gold Rush HPA
*Angry Orchard- Hop' n Mad Apple
*Angry Orchard- Crisp Apple
*Draai Laag- Simon Girty
*Draai Laag- R2 Koelschip
*Muskoka- Detour
*Hop Farm- Fresh Pot of Porter
*Tequesta- Der Chancellor
*Ska & Brash- Skankin' Dirty
*North Peak- Diabolical IPA
*Mill Street- Belgian Wit
*Florida- Swamp Ape DIPA
*Sebago- Slick Nick Winter Ale
*Lexington- Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Barleywine
*The Tap- Sassy Rabbit
*The Tap- Vanilla Norton Imperial Stout
*Upstate- IPW
*Horseheads- IPA
*Elgood's- Coolship
*Oxbow- Barrel Aged Farmhouse Pale Ale
*Oxbow- Crossfade
*Brouwerij Mort Subite- Kriek
*Brouwerij Liefmans- Liefmans Fruitesse
*The Brew Kettle- White Rajah
*Miscreation- Frank 'N Stout
*Miscreation- Powderkeg
*Miscreation- Spirit in Black
*Champion- Shower Beer
*Brouwerig Van Honsebrouck- St. Louis Kriek Fond Tradition
*Troegs/Pizza Boy/Appalachian- (717) Collaboration Ale (2015)
*Troegs/Pizza Boy/Appalachian- (717) Collaboration Ale (2016)
*Howe Sound- King Heffy
*Brouwerij Haacht- Primus
*Nedloh- Saison de Elderberry
*Shepherd Neame- Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale
*Broken Barrel - Oculto
*Robinsons- Iron Maiden Trooper
*St. Peters- Old Style Porter
*Brouwerij Boon- Kriek (cherry)
*The Wild- Somerset Saison
*Ballatine- IPA
*Dugges Bryggeri- Tropic Punch Ale
*Dugges Bryggeri- Tropic Sunrise
*Climbing Bines Hop Farm- House Stout
*Labatt- Bourbon Barrel Ale (Prohibition Series)
*Labatt- Canadian Style Wheat Ale (Prohibition Series)
*Redd's- Apple Ale
*Redd's- Strawberry Ale
*Redd's- Wicked Mango
*Small Town- Not Your Father's Root Beer
*Liquid Riot- BoBo Pivo
*Liquid Riot- IPA Awesome
*Other Half- All Green Everything
*Other Half- All Citra Everything
*Other Half- All Dank Everything
*Other Half- Rockstar Farmer
*Red Lodge- Bent Nail IPA
*Rooster Fish- Hop Warrior Imperial IPA
*De Dolle- Dulle Teve 10 (Mad Bitch)
*De Dolle- Boskeun
*Fiddlehead- Second Fiddle
*Flying Monkeys- Smashbomb Atomic IPA
*Brasserie Castelain- Diversey & Lill(e)
*Parallel 49- Vow of Silence
*Trader Joes- Vintage Ale 2013 (Unibroue)
*Cheerday- Lucky Buddha
*Brasserie St. Feuillien- Saison
*RAR- Bucktown Brown
*RAR- Grapefruit Nectar
*Bitburger- Bitburger Premium Pils
*Adroit Theory- All I See is Carrion (Ghost 530)
*Strongbow- Honey & Apple Cider
*Coney Island- Hard Root Beer
*Coney Island- Mermaid Pilsner
*Coney Island- Overpass IPA
*Coney Island- 1609 Amber Ale
*Murphy- Murphy's Irish Stout
*Harvest Moon- Four Screw
*Schneider Aventinus- Weizen-Eisbock
*Schneider Aventinus-Weizen-Doppelbock
*Local Option Bierwerker- Bourbon Barrel Aged Kentucky Common
*Mission- El Conquistador Extra Pale Ale
*Oakham Ales- Scarlet Macaw
*Fyne Ales- Jarl
*Caldera- IPA
*La Face Cachee de la Pomme- Neige Recolte d'Hiver
*Jack's - Hard Cider
*Jack's - Helen's Blend
*Jack's - Conewago Orchard
*Bockor-Cuvée Des Jacobins Rouge
*Tattered Flag- IPA
*Tattered Flag- Chocolate Raspberry Stout
*Tattered Flag- Cherry Smoked Stout
*Tattered Flag- Smoked Irish Stout aged on Oak
*Tattered Flag- Manghost
*Tattered Flag- Flash-Lite
*Triple C- Bourbon Barrel Aged Up All Night
*Defiance- Funzzy Knuckles
*Definace- Willy Nilly
*Tuckerman- Pale Ale
*Asheville- Fire Escape
*Brew Dog/Flying Dog- International Arms Race
*Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen- Oude Kriek
*Old Planters- Crop Rotation IPA
*Paradox- Skully Barrel No. 38 AKA Fruit Lupulin
*Paradox- Tart Noire
*Paradox- Honey, Genmai Gunpowder
*Burn 'em- Hop Parade
*Central City- Red Racer IPA
*Central Waters- Brewer's Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout
*Dinkelacker- Sanwald Hefeweizen
*Down the Road- Feyborn Berliner Weisse
*Brasserie d'Achouffe- La Chouffe
*Green Bench- Sunshine City IPA
*Colorado- Vixnu (Brazil)
*Tough Arm- Belgian Chocolate Buzz
*Rhone- Milk Stout
*Baxter/DC Brau- Daughters of Poseidon
*Humboldt- 500 B.C. Double IPA
*Wight Witch- Cranberry Melomel
*Mark's Friend- Blonde in Jasper Dregs
*von Trapp- Weissbier
*Fermented Artistry- Hops Du Trois
*Stone Corral - Procrastinator Dopplebock
*Hermit Thrush- Green Street Sour IPA
*Proclamation- Derivative: Citra
*Proclamation- Postcursor
*Proclamation- Tendrils
*Burlington- Light in the Window
*Moat Mountain- East Intervale IPA
*Uncle Traveling Matt Brewing Expedition- Postcards from Mackay
*Hamm's Premium
*D9- Viking Fraoch Scottish Sour
*Banded Horn- Daikaiju DIPA
*NoDa- Hop, Drop, and Roll
*Mount Hope Estate- The Queen's Cup Honey Raspberry Mead
*Pennsylvania Style Ice
*Bantam- Wunderkind
*Ninkasi - Imperiale
*Burger Light
*Willow Hozella- Rye IPA
*Brazo Fuerte- Green Tea Pale Ale
*Pittsburgh- American Beer
*Foley Brothers- Fair Maiden Double IPA
*Stoneface- IPA
*Fairhope- Judge Roy Bean
*Foothills- Cottonwood Frostbite
*Thompson- 58 Son of Quad
*Thompson- Apollo's Galaxy
*Fabbrica della Birra Tenute Collesi- Imper Ale Chiara
*Birra del Borgo- ReAle Extra
*Birrificio del Ducato- Nuova Mattina
*Birrificio Montegioco- Quarta Runa
*Birra Baladin- Nora
*Finback- Oscillation 007
*Finback- Miasma
*Finback- IPA
*Finback- Moss
*Finback- MK Ultra
*Finback- Echelon
*Flat 12 Bierwerks- Cucumber Kolsch
*Allgauer Brauhaus- Altenmunster Oktoberfest
*Kostritzer Schwarzbier
*Off Color- Apex Predator
*Off Color- Eeek
*Bayerische Staatsbrauerie Weihenstephan- Weihenstephaner Vitus
*Black Hog- Granola Brown Ale
*Black Hog- Piglet
*Black Hog- S.W.A.G.
*Tough Arm- Peach Bottom Saison w/ Mango
*Green St. Bistro- Hoggy Style
*@indiecraftbeer- Melon Felony
*Sons of Alchemy- Sour Red
*Sons of Alchemy- Aboriginal Kiwi IPA
*Far from the Tree- Lei
*Stiletto- Moring Glory Collab
*Grayton- 30A Beach Blonde Ale
*Grayton- Pale Ale
*Crooked Can- McSwagger's Amber
*Independent Fermentations- Honey Tripel
*Independent Fermentations- Rye and Sage Saison
*Spider Bite- First Bite Pale Ale
*Binding Brauerei - Schoffenhofer Grapefruit 
*Humboldt- Red Nectar
*Hidden Cove- Patroon IPA
*Medusa- Citra Legacy
*Kent Falls- Field Beer Spelt
*LIC Beer Project- Samo (For the so-called Avant-garde)
*LIC Berr Project- Gal Friday
*Bent Water- Thunder Funk
*Singlecut- Bon Bon 2xTNT IIPA
*Singlecut- Billy Watt 18 IPA
*Singlecut- Billy Full-Stack IIPA
*McKenzie's Hard Cider- Lazy Lemon
*Sole Artisan- Artistry & Alchemy
*Sole Artisan- GoodGood 2.0
*Sole Artisan- Pain of Wisdom
*Sole Artisan- Super Silk
*Sole Artisan- Turbo Nerd
*Sole Artisan- Kolshy Clouds
*Birrificio del Ducato- La Luna Rossa