Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blonde Over Blueberry

The Southern Affiliate would like to welcome Blonde Over Blueberry to the MNG family of brews. In the South, we are close to our families, so in that tradition, the brewing of this beer was a family affair, as my brother was introduced to the beer brewing process. A springtime blonde ale, Blonde Over Blueberry is a seductive blend of blueberry, basil, and a kiss of the piny-citrus flavor of marjoram. Smooth and sultry, this beer will entice and enthrall the sense of taste, leaving you wanting only more. This brew will be ready to bottle by mid-April and for consumption by late May.

In Other News:
I recently received a shipment of Redrum, Sweet Novacaine, Coffee Break, and Hard Day's Night. Redrum was insanely delicious and I am going stark-raving mad craving for more. The Southern Affiliate will also be brewing a tantalizing tarragon apricot concoction to be ready for the humid days of early summer.


  1. 1- that cartoon is a turn on.

    2- RedRum is now all gone. MNG Brewing sponsored their 1st game night and RedRum went by the wayside during the party. Great beer! 2 bottles of Sweet Novacaine were also kicked, and Hard Days Night was unveiled and loved.

  2. Happy 1 Year Anniversarry MNG!