Friday, March 4, 2011

Big Daddy Brew

MNG Brewing is proud to announce their first foray into the strong ale style in the form of Big Daddy Brew. This beer is going to be sneaky with its 10% alcohol content because of its smooth sweetness and gentle aroma. Big Daddy is a mix of an American Blonde Ale and Golden Lager with pale and amber extract added for richness. The nose will be a hint of allspice and lemon zest. This is going to smell like a summer beer and at first taste like one too. Of course once the high alcohol percentage takes hold, you'll be wishing for a cool summer's breeze and a hammock for napping. Big Daddy will be ready for bottling in about a month, but will remain in the lagering stage for about 5 months until the beginning of September to allow time for all the flavors to meld.

Other news:
RedRum Red Ale is down to the final 2 bottles.

Sweet Novacaine has been taste tested and it is a success. The hops come through at first with the aroma of licorice, but then finished semi-sweet and earthy. Satisfying beer overall.

Lazy Day Lager is set for bottling next weekend.

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