Saturday, September 11, 2010


The premier brew of the newly-christened southern branch of MNG Brewing is a true taste of the South. See, down here, the heat and humidity of the summer doesn't begin to ease up until October. So while other breweries are making time-honored Marzens, we're toasting the final days of summer haze with a light and refreshing pale ale. Oktoberzest is a spirited blend of honey and orange - perfect for long porch swingin' sessions. Brewing began in dog days of August, bottling will take place next week, and the first cerveza del sur will be ready in mid-October.


  1. Can't wait to taste your maiden voyage of brewing.

  2. Awesome! It is interesting - starts off like "eh, a good pale ale," then - "wait, was that orange...AND honey?" I'm pretty proud of the quality - great job with the recipe!