Thursday, August 5, 2010


Tons of news to share about MNG Brewing. 1st- we're adding a southern affiliate that will be setting up shop in North Carolina. Yeah, more brews! 2nd- Fruits of Labor and Big Bad Brown Brotha Ale are almost gone. FoL turned out a bit on the tart side, took on a cidery taste, and didn't have much fizz. I consider it a miss. BBBB on the other hand is fantastic! Creamy, smooth, and delicious. Pictures of both forthcoming. 3rd- new in the vat is DieStruckShun, a Canadian Draught and German Vienna Lager mix with a secret ingredient (hint- it'll be plum good!). This beer will sure pack a wallop as well, as the brew master is expecting an alcohol content above 7.5%. DieStruckShun will be ready for release mid-October.


  1. MNG Brewing's Southern affiliate is set to begin production on their first batch tonight. Exciting times!

  2. It is official! The Southern Affiliate of MNG Brewing has begun production...due mid-October.