Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Taste of the South

MNG Brew Brothers are at it again with yet another collaborative masterpiece. Inspired by a recent corporate retreat to the Uwharrie Mountains and the splendid discovery of sassafras, MNG North and South came together to make this stout that that will turn out to be a true "root" beer.

Being that the hot days of summer are nearly upon us, we are reminded of lazy times spent sipping on root beer floats. Southern Sassafras Stout was designed with these memories. It has an oatmeal stout base, with the main ingredient being sugary-sweet sassafras tea. And just like quality root beer is made with genuine ginger and sassafras root, Southern Sassafras Stout blends these natural ingredients with vanilla extract, honey, root beer liquor, and a kiss of chocolate.

This beer will be bottled in mid-July and ready for consumption toward the end of August. This truly inspired brew should have an alcohol content around 5.5%, and it should have a smooth dessert-like finish.

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  1. I'm am craving this beer badly. Can't wait for it to be ready.