Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Hexagon is a labor of love. This heady brew is the result of many hours of research and planning. It started as a simple desire to blend tarragon and apricot into a Golden Lager, then evolved into a six-ingredient behemoth of a brew. After studying the art of blending spices, I decided to expand the flavor of this brew to include marjoram, bay leaves, and savory spices, with the sweetness of honey. Its aroma is remenicient of sweet, rich tobacco and it will be a delicious, mead-like, flavorful beer. Bottling will take place in early June, and will be ready in July.

In other news, Blonde over Blueberry is bottled and will be ready for consumption in mid-June. The intent is for it to make its debut when both northern and southern affiliates meet here in the humid south.

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  1. This "beer" sounds interesting, but I'm guessing it turns out more on the cidery side or even a bit wine like due to the high amount of sugar to malt ratio.