Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 Beers are Better than 1

MNG Brewing has big news as the Northern affiliate has once again expanded, to what is now 3 vats. That's a total of 5 beer vessels between MNG North & South. Production began today with the arrival of the new vat, and in it goes a double pale ale named Hard Day's Night. This beer is a traditional American pale ale with extra body that ups the alcohol content which will be perfect for a night after an exhausting day of labor.

Meanwhile, RedRum Red Ale was bottled and remains on track for a mid-February release. The brew master decided to kick it up a notch for the lagering phase by adding pure cane sugar instead of the regular priming sugar. This should add a nice sweetness to the finished product.

Once RedRum's keg was sanitized, it beckoned for filling of another delicious concoction. Its insides were satisfied with an oatmeal stout infused with chocolate and a dash of pure cane sugar. When it's time for bottling, a shot of espresso will be added to each bottle to give it a jolt. This is how the beer got the name Coffee Break.

Hopefully MNG South will be announcing a brew or two in the near future, but for now, just wait with mouth-watering anticipation.

One more note- a special one time only beer was created by "accident". Hoppy Holidays and Cracked Nutter each were down to their final bottle respectively with about 8 ounces left in each. What happened next is mind-blowing...they were mixed for an over-the-top Christmas brew that was legendary but to likely never be experienced again. If this combination beer were to have a name it would be Crazed Christmas.

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  1. Crazed Christmas! Nice! I look forward to sampling both new brews! There will be two in the vat by weeks end down here!